You’re A Genius If You Can Solve This Chess Problem

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Puzzle FEN:
4R3/p2p1p2/8/5P2/6K1/1n1PBP1P/1p6/7k w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. What a study. Certainly, the knight seems slowest than the rest of the pieces but it's the more unpredictable at a long term.

  2. If I set this up on Lichess board editor and play as White then, after White's Rook move at 4:25 in the video, Stockfish (default level 8) curiously under-promotes the pawn to a Rook. Why should this be?

  3. "No prizes or giveaways" yeah right, you clearly just want to keep them for yourself.

  4. I did not like chess problems until I got into your channel. Amazing, Nelson! I take it you understand Spanish – from your family name – Bravo, Nelson, la berraquera!

  5. Raise your hand if you realized you needed to sacrifice your Bishop on the first move because the knight would later need to be on the g2 square…..wait, so I was the only one who figured that out? Just kidding.

  6. there are some flaws in the puzzleslike in beggining rc3 is possible and after ng2 kg3 wins

  7. why not Kg3 and then Bf2 .. seems like Re1 is unstoppable

  8. 2:51 play Qh1 forking the king and queen then the has has to either go to f2 or d2 and when you take the queen trade you can push either the f3 or d3 pawn and it allows 1 of them to make a queen and it would be an easy make 2 pawns queen?

  9. After watching all of Nelson’s videos I’m starting to thing that you should give away your pieces and seemingly not get anything until you checkmate your opponent 267582649291846472736584827 moves later.

  10. this puzzle is truly insane, the smallest intricate details which change the outcome entirely is so crazy. i love chess

  11. This is a phenomenal puzzle. I love ones that I have no hope of ever solving like this 😂

  12. My first guess was Kg3, and if b1=Q Bf2 seems to win the Q without losing the B, with a 1-0 ending. I see a Greek gentlemen suggested this a month ago. Any refutation?

  13. Yes but when the knight is on f7 "stopping" from qeening, can't I just bring king over to him and scare him off that square, get my qeen and win the game?

  14. This right here illustrates why humans will never equal the top tier chess bots. I'm pretty damn sure even Magnus could never have seen the G2 idea so far ahead. But Stockfish could.

  15. 2:32 isn't Bishop e3 better than g3? If king f1 then we take the queen and Bishop vs knight is a win

  16. At 14:34 you forgot to mention that the reason this is losing is actually because even if the king goes to e6 to threaten to take the knight, it will just go to g5 with a fork on king and pawn.

  17. Loved this one. I missed most of the moves, but nailed f6 at the end with a huge grin on my face.

  18. This make's me think knight and a bishop are equal

  19. Anyone noticing the duck chess game in the background

  20. hey i think maybe you should start using your face on thumbnails more

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