You’re A Genius If You Can Solve This Chess Problem

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Puzzle FEN:
4R3/p2p1p2/8/5P2/6K1/1n1PBP1P/1p6/7k w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Chess Vibes

    Love your video, I have one question for you,

    After playing Bishop to D2,

    What happens if the Knight on B3 doesn’t take the Bishop on D2. Instead moves King to G2

  2. Very fun puzzle, it was 500 elo level at the beggining but the end with manupulating the opponent to block their pieces with their own was pretty fun to watch and try to solve

  3. Oh, scammers, do anyone still fall for your stuff?

  4. I couldn’t even see the black king at first because the video time was covering it up 🤣

  5. Mid lord, who the scrumbles think of that at all, let alone during an actual game xDD ?? Only a chess engine for sure

  6. Hey guys it's the real 200% no cap legendary chess vibes here. Message me on telegram for my left kidney giveaway all you have to do is send me 1000 dollars for entry

  7. Dude you're the goat. You explanation and the voice is so gripping and good to listen to

  8. Nobody asked me but i was the 1,000th like!

  9. yea those message me on telegram bot accounts need to be banned permanently

  10. So i Paused the Video on 0:34 to share my idea.
    I looked at the Puzzle in the Beginning for about 5 minutes and the Only Winning Move i see is Bf2.
    Let me Explain:
    The Pawn on b2 is one square away from Queening so we need a Strat to let it not happen. The Bishop blocks the Way for our Rook. If we move the Bishop to f2 the Rook has the entire e-File to came back and stop the Pawn from Queening. With Bf2 the e1-Square is protected by the Bishop and if the Pawn Queens we have simply Re1 with a Royal Fork with check and we trade our Rook for the Queen. If the Pawn doesnt promote and the King moves to g2 to capture the Bishop we play Re1 anyway to cover the b1 square. If the King takes on f2 we play Rb1 and win the Pawn and have a winnig Rook Endgame.
    I hope it was right.

    I was completly wrong, didnt see the move Nc1.
    But bruh, seeing 18 Moves into the future with all these Tactics? its nearly Impossible to see^^ I think even Magnus Carlsen didnt see this xD

  11. yup, solved it a split second after you explained it. Honest.
    Great video Nelson, love your style. cheers man

  12. THe cool thing is I got all of the moves that he asked for, but some moves he just played and I thought in my head "I would never find that in my life"

  13. One final trick in the position with Nf4, white pawn on f5 and pawn on d6: 1. … d5+. We cannot go Kc5 or Kb4 due to Nxd3 check. So 2.Kb5, 2.Kb3 and 2.Kc3 ( 2. … d4+ 3. Kb3 ) are avoiding last trick.

  14. I couldn't see the king behind the time on the thumbnail. Had a little crisis trying to figure out any solution.

  15. The real genius is not only the one who solves the study, but the composer himself. According to my database, the author is Ukrainian chess player Serhiy Didukh (2016). If we already think we've solved the problem, let's find a hidden defense! Fantastic! National champion Nelson Lopez really has the best videos to be seen on YouTube in my opinion!

  16. fun drinking game: take a shot every time he steps into the fork

  17. Whenever you do these sort of puzzles, with end In a "this will lead into white winning", it would be interesting to sometimes see how you would achieve that victory.
    Maybe try to play against Stockfish from such a position, to show how would achieve that victory.

  18. I would love to say I could've solved this Puzzle but nah this is Tricky! I would have to have 20 minutes just to think of this

  19. I thought from the thumbnail that the puzzle was literally just figuring out which way the pawns are going

  20. Very fascinating! Good find and brillant explanation!

  21. The real question is how the king ended up being on the first rank.

  22. I’m a genius, I solved it after watching the video 😎

  23. Bros trying to keep his give aways on the WAAAYYY down low. I see you chess vibes

  24. interesting however when the hell will we ever end up there

  25. "The two moves that should have came…" English, man!

  26. Now I'm either a lot smarter or a lot dumber.

  27. Fantastic puzzle! I was a "genius" until my blunder to push the pawn in the final decision. Very frustrating. Chess is the best and worst game ever created.

  28. Is it also winning if black goes for the other pawns and keep his Knight and pawns. Is it easily to stop the pawns with only Q+K?

  29. I'd like to see more like these please. Brilliant

  30. My thoughts of solving it (at the start of the video): Bd3 (white) (black) Kb3 to d3 taking the bishop (Here's where it get's good) ROOK TO B8!!! STOPPING THE PAWN FROM MAKING A QUEEN! (KNIGHT HAS TO GO BACK TO B3 BUT NOW U TAKE IT WITH…) THE ROOOOOOOOK! THEN IT GOES ON TO TAKE THE PAWN AND DELIVER A CHECKMATE!!!

    Edit: I feel so dumb right now

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