Who Wins?! ♖ Cool Chess Puzzle! ♖ Improve Your Chess ♘

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In this video, I show an amazing chess puzzle. Try your best to figure it out! Be sure to stay connected for more chess content! 🙂
Composer: Baslov, Skripnik
FEN – Kn6/3nP3/2k5/2P2N2/4q3/8/8/2Q5 w – – 0 1

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  1. hi, nice video :). i just have a question. What can do black, if the first move for white is to move the queen from c1 to c2? It will blocks the mate in 1, attacks the queen and doesn't allow to take the knight in f5. If the black queen would take the white queen, then the knight could simply make a fork between the queen and king, when it's moving to d4. It wouldn't change anything even if Black checks white, as example the knight in d7 to b6. And i didn't mentiored the problem with the farmer on e7. its protected by the knight and by the queen in c2 ( when someone would move so).Yea, you just wanted to know, how to find a draw for white, i found a winning move ( if i didn't fail) for white :

  2. at 5:13 white dose not move there Queen to h6 check, they promote there pawn to a queen check, then now matter what they do you take there Queen:
    but good video

  3. Finally I found the solution of this puzzle just by myself and all my calculations are right 😃

  4. Have to echo the other commenters–Qc2 looks much cleaner. Both of black's threats are covered, all the pieces are defended (white's queen is tactically defended by the Nd4 fork), and black's queen is being attacked.

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