Who Will Solve Fastest? Ft. Hikaru, Bok, Rosen | Puzzle Rush Royale | Puzzle World Championship 2024

The 2024 Puzzles World Championship (PWC) is a competition for the best chess tacticians and puzzle-solvers in the world. The event is divided into the Puzzle Rush Royale on the first day, with Puzzle Battle Knockout on day two deciding the champion! The PWC features a $25,000 prize fund and FOUR-TIME champion Ray Robson will be returning to defend his title and 100% win-rate!


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  1. lol bortnyk wasn't mad about the puzzle. he was mad because the site was glitching, not letting him move, which is why he had to refresh the page

  2. My highest puzzle rating solved is 3900, I'm a 1500 lol.

  3. The format is too fast for me I could use more recapping on solved and missed positions so that I can appreciate the chess that's going on. I still enjoyed it thanks.

  4. Maybe there wouldnt be "abort abusers" if yall didnt keep giving us 2 black for 1 white game lol

  5. Lol didn't realize this entire thing is 99% memorization…

  6. It would be nice if we could zoom in on the ones they missed for a bit, because those are probably interesting. Just going through them at the players speed means little

  7. The background music sucks! Classical music would sound better and I rarely listen to classical music.

  8. this guy danny for whatever reason was given power…but he is one of the most vile people i have seen in a long time

  9. C'mon, even I managed to beat GM Larry C. on ICC in a 3 minute game no increment. Ok, ok, he gave me an f7 pawn odds that time, but I mated him!

  10. Hans is good man! It is a pleasure to watch him work

  11. having a stopwatch for the qualification is like the tetris championship going for the best scores.

  12. πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜€Speedrunning Puzzle Battle πŸ‘

  13. Hikaru getting a 57 and not advancing is sooo sad

  14. Bruh Minh le did 56 in front of his chat as a warm up the other day but he couldn't clutch it out I'm devastated 😒

  15. I’m a cheetah. My real rating is 3314. With the cheetah active I’m around 1420. Yep. 😊

  16. Is there an alternative Method to entry chess moves? Maybe something on the keyboard or even a controller?

    Not sure if mouse is rhe perfect device

  17. Danny > Adele Who knew he had such amazing talent

  18. Canty with absolutely ZERO definition. Lay off the steroids, bro.

  19. Andy Woodward who beat Hans Niemann in a tournament, Hans Niemann will have a chance to get even. They are paired together in the quarters.

  20. @Danny Rensch hook it up with diamond for me too lol

  21. this is a good inspiration to go to lichess and do puzzle storm for 3 hours

  22. Love it that Hans knocked out Hikaru to reach the final. That was a big FU from Hans to Magnus and Hikaru fans who lied about Hans ever cheating in an OTB game (which he never did)

  23. Danny and Canty such a legend dual

  24. Not being a hans hater or wathever, but his stream went away right when he did the 56 puzzles solved in the last round. Suspicious not gonna lie. But whatever it just seems impossible howbthis guys move, amazing.

  25. I didn't understand the format.. Can anyone explain?

  26. Kramnik: Hikaru got 57 in a row, seems dodge.

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