WHO SOLVES the HARDEST CHECKMATE PUZZLE FIRST? Praggnanandhaa vs Anish Giri vs Wesley So

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  1. they need harder puzzles. If hikaru was there he would of won as he would of seen it instantly.

  2. Tania shoving the mic to praggs face since the beginning
    Tania : pragg said it first
    Anish : she is biased
    Anish always ready with the truth 😂🤣

  3. Tania shoving the mic to praggs face since the beginning
    Tania : pragg said it first
    Anish : she is biased
    Anish always ready with the truth 😂🤣

  4. If you can't solve the puzzle, make another puzzle, solve the puzzle and declare yourself the winner

    – GM Anish Giri, 2022

  5. Sometimes people forget Wesley's a Filipino. He's gonna troll one way or another lol

  6. Suddenly everyone wants the prize, including pragg

  7. I saw this puzzle twice and I always wonder why rook to F4 then Rook to F5 is not a mate by 2?

  8. Not looking at the puzzle. Just looking at the beautiful lady beside the 3 GMs

  9. The puzzle i want to solve is standing in the far right 😳

  10. Well the king is paralyzed so why not Qc2+, Qd3, Qxd3

  11. they meant was possible mate in 2, now it make sense to me, and that Qa8 was brilliancy by pragg seeing that possible mate in two that fast,,

  12. 1:19 he didn't realise anish has the same origins as their nationality…

  13. To erase any doubts, Pragg is supposed to not answer the puzzle so that nobody could comment or doubt that Pragg knows this puzzle beforehand.

  14. You have to see that Qd4 (which covers both knight hops to c5 and d6) is met by Re3 double check and mate.

  15. The question is, how long they were standing in front of the board before this video started?

  16. Yeah. Keep some chocolates in a bowl. And they should Solve the puzzle and take one. It will fun thing, for players.

  17. I know Pragg says it first, but when exactly does Pragg say "Queen A 8"? I didn't see him utter the words (or hear him or read his lips saying it)

  18. magnus with the same puzzle: about 1 minute

  19. Re3 it's a double check from rook and bishop and king is forced to d4 now Kf5 is the mate in 2

  20. Magnus carlsen said the right answer when asked the puzzle to him
    Real goat magnus

  21. Wesley So is a genius. One of the best in chess, so inspiring that he is still in his best shape. There's still more to the rivalry between Wesley and Magnus in the coming years.

  22. this pragg dude seems experienced in chess, maybe he should consider becoming a professional at it

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