White Wins!? ♖ Cool Chess Puzzle! ♖ Improve Your Chess ♘

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In this video, I show an amazing chess puzzle. Try your best to figure it out! Be sure to stay connected for more chess content! 🙂
Composer: Bondarenko, Liburkin
FEN – 8/p7/Pp6/1P3K2/4P3/8/6Np/b6k w – – 0 1

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  1. So what was really wrong with Nf1? Just don't take the Bishop.

  2. This puzzle is brilliant. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Instead of Bxe5, black can lay Bb2 or Bc3, and if e6, then Ba3 or Bb4, and it seems to me, that black gains the tempo to make a draw.

  4. very nice puzzle! you should also have shown that instead of ..Bxe5, if Black plays …Bc3 e6 Bb4 White can go wrong with Kf6 which ends in a draw. Instead the winning plan would be to temporarily abandons the e6 pawn and rush towards a7 (Ke5-d5-c6-b7xa7) If the Black king chases the White king then when the black king steps on the a3-f8 diagonal (at d6), it hinders the bishop's protection of e7 and at this point White decoys with e7!

  5. Beyond imagination, stunning and a Royal Salute to the composer.

  6. i like the thing you got going where you alternate between “find the win” and “find the draw”

  7. after Bxe5 it looks like Ke4 works aswell as Ke6, however if Ke4 then black has Bb8 and the king cannot reach the bishop fast enough to take the pawn and get out, that's why the route through c8 is so important

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