White to play and DRAW (Crazy chess problem)

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Puzzle FEN:
8/8/1B6/8/p2K1k1n/8/3p4/6N1 w – – 0 1
Puzzle Details:
B. Solovyev, 1978

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  1. On 2:15 if bishop takes the pawn , knight recaptures, isn't that still a draw

  2. Ai is getting so good i didn't even notice the image was ai generated until the end

  3. Challenge idea: Play Martin but every pawn is a chess speedrunner. Every 3 moves you must move at least one pawn forward (whether through capturing or pushing). If you fail to do this you lose. Pawns also want the fastest time possible so you must play in bullet time with 1 minute to win and you may only win the game with a promoted pawn.

  4. How do I win this giant teady bear I come for only this

  5. I solved the puzzle. Proud of myself.

  6. What if the black king moves to C1 in this position? 5:03 Preparing the promote the pawn with D1 instead of pushing the pawn to A2. The bishop is unable to stop it and if the bishop tries to check the black king, the king can simply capture it. Shouldn't it be still a win for black?

  7. 3:54 when knight to d4 check, why not play king to a2? Black won’t be to fork you and you’ll be able to sack your bishop for the other pawn

  8. I love how creative he is with the video concepts ❤ you always make me smile with the videos you put out. Keep up the good work😊

  9. I would've resigned on the first move for one simple reason. I don't want a giant teddy bear.

  10. this is the first puzzle on chess vibes where i only got 1 move wrong

  11. as a 500 elo player who just guessed and did not think past the move im making, i can confirm it isnt solvable

  12. 5:04 I think another important line is Kc1 here by black is met with Bg5?

  13. It is like what agadmator used to say:" with perfect play ,any game is a draw".

  14. Day 9 chess but Martin moves twice

  15. Jokes on you, I got nowhere to house such a teddy bear, so I didn't want to win anyways. 👀

  16. Challenge: beat Martin but you can’t move your king and queen, if you are in check and you are force to move, then is game over

  17. At 3:56 what happens if you take the pawn with the bishop instead of taking with the king?

  18. Fun fact: the prize is lending Martin for 1 day!!😏😏😏So what are u waiting for?

  19. This is just a natural draw because chess is solved in database when 7 pieces are on the board…

  20. So I could've gotten a giant teddy bear?Because I saw all the right moves

  21. he would not push the pawn to a3,he will get the king out of the way to make a queen at 4:40 and its gg for white

  22. anybody please tell 
    can't we go bishop a1 its also draw by stalemate

  23. Challenge: A game of chess, where with each piece you capture, you have to remove the same piece from yourself

  24. The one thing I don't like about these videos is when looking at the wrong lines, you usually only look at the most obvious, obviously wrong follow-up, which makes sense since you're trying to not make it too long, but it leaves me frequently wondering "okay but what if you follow it up with a move that's not stupid?" Like for example, at 2:11, why can't you just play Bd2+ and then Kc2 looking to stop that pawn? Yes, the knight can capture the bishop, but then what? If black plays Kd1 instead of capturing, then Kc3 instead and either way I'm not seeing a way you can be stopped from blockading the pawn, though I'm sure there's a problem with all this I'm just failing to see.

  25. Me wondering how many times he said “well if you had a chance to look at it

  26. Chess but you let martin capture all your special pieces and then proceed to checkmate martin with your pawns or promoted pawns

  27. Challenge: You are not allowed to check martin at any time unless it's checkmate.

  28. what if the king didnt capture the bishop

  29. After bishop to c3, king to e1 wins for black

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