White to move and what?! | Cool Chess Puzzle #18 (Frédéric Lazard)

Prepare to be shocked before even 1 move of the solution to this fascinating composition is shared. Frédéric Lazard has quickly become one of my favorite chess composers, and judging by the feedback many of you leave he’s one of your favorites as well, and rightly so. I found myself both frowning and scratching my head for quite some time, and I was in disbelief when simply attempting to unlock the solution to this masterpiece. This one will likely give your favorite chess engine some difficulty in solving! The composition by Frédéric Lazard that is presented in this video was published in L’Eclaireur Du Soir, 1928.

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  1. I've been following this series for a while and it has quickly become my favourite. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Solved it in 3 minutes 49 seconds. I think I am a god.

  3. Hey jerry – have you ever made a chess puzzle of your own?

  4. Stopping the A-pawn kind of forces K-g6 to activate the apparent losing pawn race and the f6 trap…and it just had to all be correct up to that point. But I missed the pawn dance. Wish I had tried a bit harder. Very, very nice puzzle!

  5. You didn't check Queen takes Bishop King takes capturing Queening Pawn (if that).
    I am sure it is still correct though.

  6. its took me like 20 minutes, but i got it in the end 🙂

  7. Can't you do e4 after dxc6? That will deliver checkmate 1 move faster

  8. I actually got this! This is an epic puzzle, the trick of the puzzle – the… that move, the idea, it's great.

  9. WOW! This was even better than the last one! I didn't know that chess could be so fun and interresting. Thank you Jerry for sharing this with us!

  10. I preferred his last puzzle, but this was still an amazing one 😀

  11. I was able to see that when you promote and white takes the black queen runs out of squares. And that it they instead tried to check they run out of checks. But I couldn't calculate the pawn ending.

  12. I saw some of the resources, but I did it in the wrong order. I thought I had to push the f pawn early to block the king and stop black's queen from taking mine. It just didn't work. Amazing puzzle though. This guy is a genius.

  13. only an 800 rated player, this one I was incredibly surprised to get this one after only about 20 seconds. Really cool puzzle though!! dont know how I managed to get it so quick but I doubt I would solve it in a game. Love these puzzle videos Jerry!!

  14. The f6 move cracked me up, the whole puzzle is worth it because of that move.

  15. wow, Lazard was a genius! so aesthetic. Thanks for sharing Jerry!

  16. what if just before promotion of white pawn, you push e6: trapping king and allowing mate in 2 by promotion->move? perpetual check from black?

  17. This was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing.

    (I noticed the idea of f6 blocking the a1-h8 diagonal but I kept trying to stop the black queen from getting to h8 instead of keeping it there.)

  18. awesome puzzle! does black have any chances after Q*g8, f*g8, K*g8?

  19. Amazing Jerry, as I said this guy is a jaw breaker. When you said it was to win the idea of a pawn on f6 winning everything took a lot of time. Really interesting puzzles that Lazard created and good job finding them, lets hope we dont run of them soon.

  20. I didn't get the full puzzle, but I was able to see the first move and find the pawn moves afterwards! You're passion for the game is evident in every video and twitch stream you do. Thank you.

  21. instead of exd, isnt e4 winning too? when pushed all the way to e7, thats mate too!

  22. Incredible! Did you figured this one our Jerry??

  23. What's wrong with e4 instead of c6? And then after d3, you push c6.

  24. the most amazing puzzle eveerrr
    thns so much

  25. awesome commentary jerry.. 🙂 😀

  26. I saw g6, but I didn't notice the h pawn, so I got stuck. I did see f6 after that. The simplest move murders black

  27. oh wowwwwww!!! what a puzzle !!!!!!! mind blowing. king and queen are killed by king, pawn and bishop!!! woah !!(y)

  28. one of the coolest puzzles, and probably Jerry's best presentation of all time

  29. Absolutely Amazing. Im not sure if this or the mitrofanov puzzle ( cool chess puzzle 7) is better.
    I took Stockfish 7 for the evaluation of the position. Until the move move 5. f6 h3 Stockfish hought it is dead drawn

  30. Classic "to take is a mistake". Great puzzle.

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