White to move and what?! | Cool Chess Puzzle #18 (Frédéric Lazard)

Prepare to be shocked before even 1 move of the solution to this fascinating composition is shared. Frédéric Lazard has quickly become one of my favorite chess composers, and judging by the feedback many of you leave he’s one of your favorites as well, and rightly so. I found myself both frowning and scratching my head for quite some time, and I was in disbelief when simply attempting to unlock the solution to this masterpiece. This one will likely give your favorite chess engine some difficulty in solving! The composition by Frédéric Lazard that is presented in this video was published in L’Eclaireur Du Soir, 1928.

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  1. My mind was so blown, I had to share this to Facebook. You make some amazing content, thanks Jerry.

  2. I found f6, h3,kg6, a2, h6, a1=q, h7,…, h8=q.

  3. I saw f5-6 but thought it would be used to protect your Queen. I'm bad.

  4. i made it to the double pawns.. but not capturing the pawns looked so ridiculous to me i didn't even bother thinking about that lol

  5. just a question, why can't black Queen take the bishop? pawn takes Queen then king takes, after that I'm a bit lost to how black could not hold

  6. Hah, the pawn can be promoted to any piece at the end and still deliver checkmate.

  7. Isn't the position at 4:22 a win for black? I know that white can still win, with a different move prior to this, but … Qg5+ then Kh7 Qh5#

  8. I must admit I am proud that I found the solution in relatively short time. I found the queen trapped thingie while searching for a stalemate. After Jerry said white could win, I found the pawn trick. And all I could do while Jerry was giving the solution was watching with a foolish smile at my face. I am even laughing right now. That was astounishing!

  9. I thought that your last puzzle before this was the best I had ever seen. After looking at this one I have serious doubs about the question.

  10. I have a question. What happens after black plays d7xc6 (7:18) if white follows e4 instead of e3xd4, threatening mate in 3 moves in e7. Maybe a queen move?

  11. what a game . this is another . yes another game in the world of the chess , thank u jerry

  12. I was totally surprised and never guessed to sacrifces the h=pawn on h8

  13. the move h3 is a blunder a that specific moment by black

  14. You are not gonna believe this but I solved it for about a minute (and I'm rated at about 1800 lol). Nice video Jerry!

  15. Jerry, you are the best commentator of the youtube channel, sometimes serious, happy, laughing, giggling and sad emotions, your 3 second tournament on lichess, you were crazy at that video but this word "rap your head around that" is the most funniest word i have ever heard!! you are genius in commentating videos, but you are best in chess also, i will give you a request, and the request is 'You will do an Racing Kings Tournament on lichess' that is my request. i love your videos and will share them with my friends who are beginners. I really like your videos. Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hit a thumbs up for this video. Bye, accept my request and you are way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. I solved most of it, very nice puzzle.

  17. you lied
    when you said we'll see disappointment this was brilliant

  18. What if white plays pawn to f6 instead of promoting to queen ?

  19. Why can't you play f6 beforehand and still win?

  20. IS it true that white MUST be lost if he doesn't recapture the queen on f6? Referring to black's stalemate options I mean. If white can capture black's pawn on h3 (a big IF maybe), isn't black's king tied to f8? So black would essentially be playing ONLY with his queen against the White king, IF white can capture h3. And if black's queen can singlehandedly drive the White king to h8, so that the black king might then assist in delivering checkmate, then it would seem that white might have stalemate options of his own. I guess the entire hypothesis depends upon wether white can capture h3

  21. I actually managed to figure out stuff all the way til F6, at which point I had already thought that white can easily win without realizing potential stalemate situations 😀

  22. What happens If Black Queen plays G1, check, instead to go after the white Queen?

  23. Surprisingly i got most of it.But the puzzle seems really amazing still.

  24. Wrong!! You missed the move black has to sacrifice the queen.
    After white king g5. black plays – Queen g7 check.
    White has to capture with pawn g7.
    King captures pawn….

    Then White has no moves to win!!

  25. I just wonder how beatiful chess can get.

  26. Man, I thought of using that pawn, king position to block the queen out, didnt think of trapping her in. Then again I only looked at the board for a few minutes so I wonder if I coulda figured it out

  27. Whoa I actually got it with a 1400 rating :')

  28. After xc6, am I right that you could just push your e pawn and win the race by giving checkmate with that e pawn?

  29. I don't even know how I solved it. I was going for the stalemate, then decided to watch on and after you said it's white to win I actually got it finished. I didn't think I could, I'm not even really good at chess

  30. I cant believe i found the move before i saw the solution

  31. Got it without pausing the video, clever puzzle

  32. After d captures c, white mates with e (immediately after black promotes d. No need to promote e). Therefore, there are two solutions to this puzzle.

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