White to move and what?! | Cool Chess Puzzle #18 (Frédéric Lazard)

Prepare to be shocked before even 1 move of the solution to this fascinating composition is shared. Frédéric Lazard has quickly become one of my favorite chess composers, and judging by the feedback many of you leave he’s one of your favorites as well, and rightly so. I found myself both frowning and scratching my head for quite some time, and I was in disbelief when simply attempting to unlock the solution to this masterpiece. This one will likely give your favorite chess engine some difficulty in solving! The composition by Frédéric Lazard that is presented in this video was published in L’Eclaireur Du Soir, 1928.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who learned how to play from my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀


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  1. I get It before watching your solution but I didn't go for win

  2. I believe this does not work if you play kg5 instead of kg6 in the beginning

  3. Recently stumbled upon your videos after getting back into chess. Awesome videos and analyses, Jerry. And what a cool one this is too. Mind-blowing stuff, my man!

  4. hold on!
    at 4:25 when black plays queen g5 and white responds with Qe5 that would be checkmate in two for black
    Qg7 check white king has to move because black queen is protected by black king only available square is Kh5 the Qg5 checkmate
    am I missing something here?

  5. 7:20 I initially thought playing e4 instead of taking on d4 worked as well, with the e-pawn giving a beautiful checkmate on e7 after black has queened on d1. But it doesn't work out because Black can play Q×g8 and stop White's pawns with the king before queening on d1.

  6. Many chess players like Carlson would have resigned even after being black

  7. definitely one of the absolute top chess commenters right here. Love the way you describe everything thats happening and the language you use. You shed a wonderful, fresh light on chess!

  8. Got the queen trap idea after a few minutes and thought i already solved the puzzle. Didnt saw that pushing the pawns after that is also a bit tricky.

    Really nice puzzle. Only solved it because i knew that i would have to make a stupid looking thing 😀

  9. I'm surprised I even figured out the whole puzzle. It only took me like 30 seconds though lol

  10. The first move I thought was f6. Turns out there is one line where its a draw. Anything else makes mate

  11. oh man, the way you put it, I was expecting white to move and check mate in 1…..if there was check mate in 10+ then I would have been less excited….seriously

  12. Just brilliant. My favourite composer and fabulous video.

  13. An interesting out that black has is after dxc6, if instead of exd4, white plays e4 (aiming for mate on e7), the d and e pawns race to d2 and e6, and instead of promoting, black plays Qh5+, bringing the white king to h5, then follows up with d1=Q+.

  14. Another GREAT puzzle. No wsy did I get it. I look forward to these and hope I can retain some of this wisdom you are sharing.

  15. I new everything but not that you let tout queen killed

  16. The other variation, after white's P-f6 if black plays QxB, could also have been explained.

  17. The day before my birthday. I just look at this and I’m like….


  18. Another win is don't capture on d4 but instead 8 e4 instead checkmate with pawn on e7!

  19. I solved it but i would not without your hint i am feeling so good thanks for your effort you are the best.

  20. What my thoughts are: there are OTHER solutions as well. Instead of c6 after d4 I play e4, and after d3 comes c6, also winning. If dxc6, then e5, d2, e6, d1Q, e7++ beautilful mate with a pawn. NOT MENTIONED IN THE TEXT! 🙂

  21. if any of fredric lazard`s puzzle is actually played in a game there we would have a new game of the century

  22. I checked the date and then he said dont check the date

  23. Q: Is White’s underpromoting on his last move – to Rook -> mate, dishonorable, or actually cooler?

    Ditto for all mates possible with underpromotion…?

  24. I got it all correct but only after the hint.

  25. 7:25 Can't black do Qxg8+? I mean, it's apparently still mate in 13 for white (according to lichess), but it makes the game longer. Your game is 11.5 moves, whereas this is 21.5 moves:
    1. Kg6 a3 2. h6 a2 3. h7 a1=Q 4. h8=Q Qxh8
    5. f6 h3 6. Kg5 d4 7. c6 dxc6 8. exd4 Qxg8+
    9. fxg8=Q+ Kxg8 10. Kg6 Kf8 11. f7 Ke7 12. Kg7 Kd6
    13. f8=Q+ Kd5 14. Qc5+ Ke4 15. Kg6 Kd3 16. Kf5 Ke3
    17. d5+ Kd2 18. d6 Kd3 19. d7 Ke2 20. d8=Q Kf3
    21. Qd1+ Kg2 22. Qcc2#

  26. Queen moves

    Pawn: im gonna end your royal king Queens career

  27. In 5:20 I would do Qxg8 to trade the queen for a bishop and a pawn because I realize that my position is failing and I might as well take something rather than nothing.

  28. d3 or dxe3 fails, as white wins the queening race

  29. Great puzzle. However, you should figure out how to pronounce Frédéric Lazard . He was French.

  30. I solved a different way I think faster. Same initial king to g6 and promote pawn but one square before promotion close the diagonal with pawn to f6 then keep your queen and move bishop next for discovered check

  31. I think my way works too, please comment!! Kg6-Pa3-Ph6-Pa2-Ph7-P=Q- Pf6 ( if black plays Qb1+ Kh6 then threatens to take E3 or F6) P=Knight. (eventually the white King will end up on square h7 after witch the white Knight will stop the checks by playing to G6 ( then QxN- KxQ) –(if after Pf6 black plays. Q-g1+ K-h5 Q-d1+ Kh6 ) eventually e.t.c.

  32. Great one! I should have tried harder when you said it was a win (don't like looking for stalemates), but was too curious. Locking the queen is so cool!

  33. At 7:20, you don’t even need to capture on d4, just push e4 and mate with the pawn on e7…that would be even more beautiful because black would promote to a second queen and still get mated by whites e-pawn.

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