When The Queen Is Useless – Crazy Chess Puzzle

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3N1k2/1K4pq/8/p1p1R2p/8/7P/P1P2P2/8 w – – 0 1

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  1. I love you Nelson so much you helped me get to 1500 and are easily my favorite chess tuber. I hope you have a swift recovery man♥️

  2. Bro you are dying and still getting giving us content, thanks hope u recover.

  3. Aoa, Nelson bro I've listen your recent talk about blood clot and gout and I really pray for your health.I want to recommend something.
    As I am a Muslim , and as cristens recognize bible we recognize Quran and bible both.
    So I really recommend you to listen Quran recitation with English subtitles.
    Also to read Quran, as it is beautifully poetic and it heals heats. Also read bible as well.
    I guess your body needs treatment but your heart needs strength to deal with all this.

    Reply me if you are really convinced with my advice.

    I recomend Omar Hisham Al Arabi youtube channel.

    I guess this will strengthen your heart to deal with this situation.

  4. That was an interesting puzzle. How do you spell 'zutzphong'? (sp)

    We're praying for you and your family.

  5. the ultimate respect for you 🙏keep it going man i think every single person who watches you finds your vids awesome to watch and listen to!

  6. NM Lopez
    Good puzzle and was this actually a game or just a teaching exercise on possibly positional chess? I enjoyed it however one needed to be mindful of all the calculating moves!
    How's that lemony Spa water going? 😊♟️

  7. It’s funny, when you watch someone every day, their face becomes a familiar and friendly comfort in a similar way to RL friends. But it’s also similarly horrible watching them suffer. There’s so much love for you through this channel man, and you’ve earned every bit of it. Thoughts with you to get well soon.

  8. "Hopefully you didn't say c3"
    ….he knows his audience

  9. You're the greatest, I've learned so much from watching and studying your posts, fantastic!

  10. 7:44 what's wrong with pushing the pawn one last time?

  11. I'd definitely suggest doing yoga a few times a week or even everyday. You can find plans on youtube super easy. Best of luck

  12. Get well soon and prayers for you and your family.

  13. Thanks – so good to see some new chess videos

  14. When black king moves to c7 the queen should check the king on d6 and take the castle

  15. Damn that was so complicated you have to be able to see all that I guess Martin over here I mean Nelson over here I mean not you but me I wouldn't have been able to figure that one out. And I want to thank you for your kind words the other day and I seen that the first thing that stuck out to me in this video was rewind seven days how I wish and I know who God is and I know he exists and well I'm not happy with his will. If I could just rewind three weeks almost yes exactly three weeks to the day right now because of 11:30 we laid down to go to bed and if I would have just press the fucking button on my phone and called 911 instead of giving her an option do you want to lay down or do you want me to call 911 I should have just I should have I should have known something was wrong I should have known it was worse off she was worse off than it was she was. I can't figure it out I know I'm not God and I don't want to be I just want her back. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry I see what you're going through please take care of yourself thank God you're not a smoker or drinker at least you don't appear to be and I know our bad decisions in life and Life Choices contribute to our life span thank you for your kind words the other week and I'm so glad you're okay I was almost even a little stalkerish I was about to look up how to find your information on one of them pay for websites actually looked up the Dallas chess club I called their number but I didn't leave a message I'm glad you're okay but I'm still

  16. Glad to hear you are doing better, I did have a question, I still don't really understand why you can't play f4. I know you're trying to put black in Zugzwang but then why can't you follow up with f5 after that which would also attack the queen?
    Edit: looking at it more I realized why you can't play f5 because after queen to h5, moving knight to e6 won't win the queen since the pawn is in the way. Left the post up in case someone else didn't see it and I still wanted to say that I'm glad youre doing better Nelson and I hope you have a speedy recovery

  17. Wishing you nothing but the best Nelson. Take a break as long as you need. We’ll be here awaiting your return.

  18. get better soon and pls take a break you dont need to entertain us all the time its ok

  19. I am just getting to know you not doing well because I have not following for a while. I am wishing you speedy recovery and good health.

  20. Hey Nelson I hope u get better soon. Sending prayers❤

  21. So the best move for black is Ke7 then? Would an engine play that?

    You'll lose your queen to Ng5+ discovered check, but after Kf6 you'll at least get a rook for it.
    With a knight extra white probably wins, but still has to work for it, maybe if low on time not a guaranteed win…

  22. Hope you recover soon Nelson.
    Love your chess videos!!

  23. Prayed for you again brother. Wait for healing soon!

  24. For a chess expoert such as yourself, who considers what might happen literally hundreds of times per game, the thought of a bood clot would be extremely anxiety provoking. I am glad you are getting the right treatment and that with each day the risk of something major happening to you keeps falling.

    Stay strong, you seem like a good man.

  25. I enjoyed it Nelson, even if I was wrong everytime u asked wats the next move lol. Get better soon

  26. Thank you for testifying about your answered prayer. Romans 8:28

  27. I like the format of this puzzle video: step by step with a pause to give the viewer a chance to find the next best move.

  28. This is called the "mutual" or "reciprocal zugzwang".

  29. At the end, you mentioned you should not push the pawn 2 squares because there's nothing else to do. But what if you push that pawn another square? Seems like a good move to me.

  30. i like how the recommended for "learn this next" is his video talking abt his gout
    good luck tho stay strong

  31. another great video man. good luck on your recovery

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