Whale of a Chess Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
8/8/P7/8/k1K5/1p6/2p5/1r3R2 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Phillip Stamma, 1737

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  1. probably the funniest but also most educating series in the internet

  2. That’s the second time you’ve told us to read the Bible, this time, touting it as a basis for scientific fact. That’s real sussy. It’s also completely unnecessary; I’m sure just about everyone was willing to just accept that the whale swallowed him for the sake of the silly story without any “factual” justification.

  3. The whale could have asked them to do anything. He could have said that if you can crochet this tea cozy then he will let them go. Maybe this is how the whale hires people to do services for him. If you can do my taxes, then I will let you go.

  4. The stories add a certain charm to these videos.

  5. I'm actually seeing this could somehow be a children book

  6. I saw c1 at the first second I saw the puzzle wth

  7. I solved the Puzzle but it took 5 minutes tho

  8. loved this puzzle! i was actually able for the first time to calculate all of the lines and concur that white wins!

  9. Sorry, but no, you couldn’t really live inside a whale. 1) Whales, like other mammals, have a digestive system where the stomach contains hydrochloric acid and bile. At best, this would be unpleasant, to say the least, at worst, well – let’s not get that graphic – this is a channel about chess, not biology, after all. 2) Then there’s breathing. You’ll need air. Also, Whales can dive pretty deep. I hope you can hold your breath a long time. Oh, and then there’s Nitrogen Narcosis, not to mention, “the bends”. Just ask any Scuba diving instructor. Please, kids, don’t try this at home. 🤣 Do try solving the chess puzzles; it’s a lot safer!

  10. After Rook D4, King B3, and if Rook B4 (only check that can't be captured by the queen), King A3. Only two checks can be captured by the queen… But Queen to B3 is still stalemate! 😮 Damn.

  11. I wonder what's next. Really fun series, please continue! *Hell nah man, now it's a T-rex?!*

  12. Yeah, as if they could solve the chess puzzle while it was pitch black… You wouldn’t be able to see the pieces, much less the board. Let’s make up an at least somewhat believable story. Maybe one of the fisherman brought a flashlight? 🤭

  13. Love the bible reference from Jonah, unless there's no chess mentioned anywhere in the bible 😂

  14. how come he stopped saying take care in the end 😂

  15. At 4:50 , Kc5 is unnecessary.
    White can just promote a pawn a8Q+ and then take black pawn on c2

  16. The fisherman is a chessvibes viewer, that’s how he’s so smart

  17. This fisherman puzzle thing is so much fun 😋.Bobby Fischer’s fisherman version = Bobby Fischerman 😂

  18. After Rc1, Rxc1, Ka3, Kc3, Ka4, what happens? You never mentioned this line.

  19. The bible isn't exactly a scientific source

  20. The next Island was the Land Island where they somehow had to compete against Anna and Alex in Reykjavik?

  21. It's funny how I saw that "Oh wait, 1.Rc1!! is a win for white" but I couldn't figure out that there was all of this chaos on the chessboard 😂

  22. There's one other line that you didn't cover and which looks like a win for black.
    If after Rc1, black doesn't waste a move with b2, but instead immediately goes after white's pawn, white must run with it to avoid losing it but then black can escape.
    Rc1; Ka5 a7; Kb6

  23. I am missing something, I'm sure…

    If at the 3:08 mark, the king moved to c3, the rook could not move to d3 without being captured by the queen. And the black king could move, so it wouldn't be a stalemate, would it?
    I must be missing something, given that I'm an extremely novice player.

    Let me look at it again…

    EDIT- thank you to the person below for pointing out that if the white king moves to c3, the rook goes to c4 and does a reverse pin.

  24. wow this Bobby Fischerman guy, I will just call him Bobby Fischer solved this chess puzzle very well, maybe he could try playing some chess in his time

  25. I love the story-telling with these chess puzzles. Hope to see more, thanks for the videos!

  26. Excellent, a question, what is the chess program you use to illustrate the moves and such.

  27. Okay this is my puzzle in chess and it’s black to play but white have to win can you solve it?

  28. And I have another puzzle it’s white to play and win

  29. Hello Nelson nice video the whale puzzles was really tricky and so funny but I have 2 puzzles for you can you solve them?

  30. This week, on "Around the World in Eighty Chess Puzzles…"

  31. i tried this with my friend and he found king to a5

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