Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus

Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus
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These are the solutions to the End-Game Chess Puzzles, found in northwest Mad Mile, southeast The Loop or east Brandon Docks. Complete all 10 to unlock the Maximised Combat Focus skill.

Puzzle 1 solution 0:19
Puzzle 2 solution 0:30
Puzzle 3 solution 0:50
Puzzle 4 solution 1:10
Puzzle 5 solution 1:43
Puzzle 6 solution 2:12
Puzzle 7 solution 2:46
Puzzle 8 solution 3:12
Puzzle 9 solution 3:44
Puzzle 10 solution 4:12

Watchdogs is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC


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  1. This is the only video that shows the puzzle in the right order, everything else seem to have puzzles i've never seen before

  2. I shot a hole through this dude's head like 80 times out of spite

  3. If people bought chess and played with their friends. They would know how to play within 3-5 games. So fun and easy

  4. Thanks so much I thought thos was gonna be super grindy…lol

  5. as someone who plays chess sine 8 years this is soo easy ^^

  6. As someone who doesnt play chess, this is still too easy.

  7. May seem like a silly question but what is meant by end game? Can it only be done once the main game is completed?

  8. This isn't all of the end game puzzles. They are different in each area. This is just for the Loop District

  9. End game 7, move rightmost rook to 3rd from bottom row, Black king has a single move into bottom left corner, same rook as 1st move goes to furthest most left column. Checkmate.

  10. i did this entirely without a guide, im so smart lel

  11. So wait. This is not even a full game of chess, it is some sort of minigame?

  12. lame that u can't play full chess games, or can u?

  13. My puzzles look nothing like the ones in the video.

  14. so witch one were you at? because im at the mad mile one and none of these match any of the puzzles at that spot. maybe spot specific or console?? thats why i ask where you were

  15. holy shit
    thank you, im stuck at stage 4

  16. Thx bro, I was getting mad. Something was bought to get broke

  17. The first game looks different in my chess game lol are they random ? or is it the location where i play that decides which games i get ?

  18. well played! also the queen is totally op and needs to be nerfed!

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