Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus

Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus
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These are the solutions to the End-Game Chess Puzzles, found in northwest Mad Mile, southeast The Loop or east Brandon Docks. Complete all 10 to unlock the Maximised Combat Focus skill.

Puzzle 1 solution 0:19
Puzzle 2 solution 0:30
Puzzle 3 solution 0:50
Puzzle 4 solution 1:10
Puzzle 5 solution 1:43
Puzzle 6 solution 2:12
Puzzle 7 solution 2:46
Puzzle 8 solution 3:12
Puzzle 9 solution 3:44
Puzzle 10 solution 4:12

Watchdogs is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC


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  1. Idk what you did but I like it the for the achievement

  2. I don't even play chess and I'm getting pissed at how this prick (npc) moves his pieces wherever he feels like and I can't, and your game 6 is totally different to mine

  3. I am admittedly bad at chess but I thought a checkmate was when your king could not move without being captured.  In the first one couldn't the king move one position towards the screen to the light colored square?

  4. thanks,it's help me to unlock my final skill

  5. Thanks very much for the video i got the exact chess puzzles ^^

  6. I went to the loop and he said It showed that he's unavailable why is that

  7. yeah if you wanna win the game just complete it then sunscribe to me :l

  8. I think it's worth mentioning that up to the sixth puzzle the win dialogue I had was the same as the video, in that particular order 😛

  9. likeyourstylebut ware are the other chest gamesin this game ?

  10. So I'm trying to get a list of video games that have chess mini-games in them (not weird chess with gimmicks like the chess game in on of the Mortal Kombat games) but I only ever find watch_dogs related stuff. Could someone help me out and list some games that have chess in them? I already know about this (obviously) and the fact that one, if not a few, of the Harry Potter games have playable chess. Anything else?

  11. My board wasn't set up like that at all…I still got all the checkmates though 🙂

  12. Thank you! I enjoy chess but I'm pretty terrible at it and really didn't have the patience. : )

  13. what the hell??!!! I have DIFFERENT PUZZLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I seriously don't understand how to play chess and I need help

  15. Okay, I know this isn't about chess, but it's about Watchdogs. How easy is it for someone to get a World Rank between 5-10%? Because I currently have a W.R. in the top 6% on my Xbox (36) ( :/ IK…Sad.)

  16. Thank you sooo much I was getting so pissed off that I couldn't solve these

  17. Fuck Ubisoft for making the chess puzzles different than what's in the videos. I don't have time for this shit. Patch it!

  18. Awesome, thanks! For those that are saying they aren’t getting the same puzzles – make sure you’re playing at the same location on the map in the beginning of the video.

  19. Lmao i did all without pausing the video & it was jus funny 2 me how the otha chess playr say thee same thang lol wassup wit dat 😂😭😭 !!

  20. Thank you. I'm pretty terrible at Chess & I just got Watch_Dogs on the PS4 recently. I played it on the PS3 before.

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