Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus

Watchdogs Complete Chess Puzzles guide [End Game] – Unlocks maximum focus
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These are the solutions to the End-Game Chess Puzzles, found in northwest Mad Mile, southeast The Loop or east Brandon Docks. Complete all 10 to unlock the Maximised Combat Focus skill.

Puzzle 1 solution 0:19
Puzzle 2 solution 0:30
Puzzle 3 solution 0:50
Puzzle 4 solution 1:10
Puzzle 5 solution 1:43
Puzzle 6 solution 2:12
Puzzle 7 solution 2:46
Puzzle 8 solution 3:12
Puzzle 9 solution 3:44
Puzzle 10 solution 4:12

Watchdogs is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC


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  1. i need to be better at aiming and focusing my targets whiteout killing them

    plays chest

  2. Wow, just wow. This video was really helpful, thanks a bunch. I wish I found this video sooner.

  3. สุทธินันท์ ศรีคำภา says:

    thx guy

  4. I'm going for 100% so I still need to do the other ones

  5. Thank you so much for this video… I really didn't wanna learn chess

  6. Thanks for the guide I have no knowledge of chess

  7. Well i just arrived to the place.. then someone shoot at me -_-

  8. Thank you so much I appreciate that was Helpfully 😍

  9. I don’t actually have to play to the end of the story campaign to play this right? Cause it’s saying not available when I go up to this guy to try and play

  10. Thanks I’m so bad at chess, I could only probably beat my brother at it😂😂😂

  11. Thanks this was my last one now I have all the achievements thanks bro 🙂

  12. I kept thinking THIS IS NOT HOW CHESS SHOULD BE SET UP!!

  13. I'm rated 1300 in chess and ashamed I had to watch the video for the last one, it was so obvious but I thought he survived more than 2 moves…

  14. would be better with step by step instructions from the moment peirce sits down and starts in each chess game!! whenever i try to play even in real live, i ALWAYS LOSE, UGH!!!

  15. This was extremely helpful thank you. I’ve never been good at chess but I’m a completionist when it comes to games like this.

  16. Thank you very much friend! I'm trying to get the platinum trophy, I already got the WD2 trophy and I'm looking for WD1 and you helped a lot, thanks

  17. Leave it to Ubisoft to link one of the main skills to a mini game.

  18. I was scared i was going to have to actually play chess lol, thanks for the guide

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