Watch Dogs – All 10 Chess Puzzles

Go to where I go on the map for this set of puzzles


  1. Watch Dogs REALLY does have something for everyone in it.  My god, I dunno if I would've ever figured those out or not.  Maybe if I would've actually set a chess board and the pieces up, however, I dunno if I would've gone to that length to do it =P

  2. Thanks for this has been so many years since I played chess.

  3. Wish I could find a video for the survival puzzles.

  4. Thanks now I can get the all skills trophy thanks a lot

  5. Cheers m8 , never played chess so this was very helpful 

  6. really helpful did it in one go – hope they remove social lubricant trophy

  7. Pulled out this video thinking it was gonna be hard, gave the first puzzle a blind change, never lost, never needed to see this video even in the final one, made it with 1 move left.

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