Very Tricky Rook and Pawn Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
8/3pRP2/4pr2/8/2k1K3/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Eugene Cook, 1927

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  1. You've posted a few puzzles that stumped me. This wasn't one of them. You spoke of this one being harder, I found this one to be easier than some others you've offered us. Maybe that's just me.

  2. These are awesome puzzles Nelson πŸ™‚

  3. 3:20 I'm not good at these; what's the problem with rook to e7 here?

  4. Black wasn't forced to move the rook in f5.
    He could have go all the way back to f1 and we cannot do the same deflection as before.

  5. I saw that one up to Rf5, but couldn't find the followup. Nice puzzle.

  6. to be honest, i think i dont really like the piece sounds, theyre kinda distracting, sure i can import the position to a soundless board but then again i like when you explain it without the sounds

  7. @3:05 why not the rook at e7? it looks the simplest way of winning without any tricks

    rook e7 > if rook f6 > king e5 > and where ever the rook goes black loses the pawn
    and now you can trade either the pawn or rook for blacks rook at some point and just go for the checkmate either with the queen promote or rook promotion

    there are so many ways to win this position

  8. On the future maybe you could give some teaching about the strategy to win the queen vs rook. I know it's winning but not so simple

  9. You sound drunk today, but nice puzzle!

  10. I love the sounds the pieces make when they move

  11. I am craving to get a video explaining how to win a queen/rook endgame in general. a part of the easy Phillidore position. please.

  12. First move Rxd7…correct!

    Second move Ra7. … No. Rd4+. I rejected the c7+, but thought in terms of mobility. d4+ has the King protecting.

    Response to Kc3: Rd3+? Yes! But not for the reason I thought for the followup.
    Response to Kc5: Rd5+. If RxR, f8. If king moves, white rook takes black. If pawn takes rook, king takes rook. Survey says? Yes!

  13. Yep, not so easy but those are the ones I like. I didn't get it all

  14. What happened to the little pawn direction indicator you used before?

  15. I like the part where the rook did a Ring Around The Rosie on the king two different but similar ways

  16. I did actually figure this out. Admittedly my reasoning for the first move was just "free pawn", so I suppose I was right for the wrong reasons, but still.

  17. Two moves at beggining were intuitional for me. Evenn if Im drunka and my best level of solved practice was about 1500. Ending was harder, but start is easy. Thanks for next great puzzle.

  18. 6:38 This is not to easy. I have not seen any move, except the last one.

  19. 3:04 After Rd7-Rf5, why not Re7?? Coz if black moves anywhere on the F file, we just slide the king up with ke5 and grab the pawn???

  20. what would be problem of Re7 as a second move?

  21. These last few puzzles have been hard as hell.

  22. I normally don't even get the first move right on these but this time I did! Yay!

  23. i saw it all, first time i ever got the whole thing

  24. Oddly at 1200 and below a Queen and King vs a Rookm a Pawn, and a king is almost always a draw. Yes the side with the Queen might not play optimally. But you'd think that if his opponent was also in that rating level, both would make mistakes and they'd cancel each other out.

  25. How do you get to this starting position with the king and queen pawns? πŸ™‚

  26. 2:30 Hey. Actually you are wrong. After Ke6 you can't play Kd4 because of Rd7+. And if you play e4 after Ke6, I'm just going to play Kf5 and whatever you play after I'll play Re7 and move my King to f3 and take you pawn. And that is winning Rook endgame

  27. Yes, show us the Queen vs Rook endgame.

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