Unlocking the Secrets of Grandmaster-Level Chess Puzzles | Tips & Strategies | GM Naroditsky

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Welcome to this exciting video where we will explore the fascinating world of high-level chess exercises on the Chess.com tactics server, with a rating range of 2800 to 3100. I am thrilled to share with you my step-by-step approach to solving each puzzle, as well as some valuable tips and techniques that will help you become a better chess tactician.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this video is perfect for anyone looking to improve their chess game. I will share with you a host of strategies that will help you tackle even the most challenging puzzles with ease. By breaking down my thought process and providing a detailed analysis of each puzzle, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to approach and solve these high-level chess exercises.

Throughout this video, you will learn a range of techniques and strategies for becoming a better chess tactician. From identifying key patterns and tactics to recognizing common mistakes and pitfalls, we will cover everything you need to know to become a skilled and confident solver.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this exciting journey and discover the secrets of solving high-level chess puzzles like a grandmaster. Watch now and take your chess game to the next level!

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  1. Danny, I wonder weather you feel kind of exhausted after solving a couple of puzzles? When I solve 2-3 advanced puzzles, I need to take a break because my brain is aching ๐Ÿ˜
    But I guess you simply have more stamina ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loving the energy and context you bring to the table as always Danya. Great content thanks

  3. At 31:20 in the variation with Qa5+ Ke7 we have Qc5+ and it's a forced mate. For example, Ke8 Qxc8+ Ke7 Bc5+ d6 Bxd6# is a nice variation. The pawn on e5 is incredibly strong at boxing in back's king.

  4. I'm happy to see that Danya's process is pretty much the same as mine (probably my accuracy doesn't match his, though, lol)
    Quite funny that my puzzle rating is way higher than my rapid/blitz, but no wonder

  5. Best chess channel on Youtube! Thank you Daniel!

  6. Thanks very much for the instructive video!

  7. It's actually crazy I saw Bg5 15:25 but because he didn't even consider it, I thought "he's a GM, if he's not even mentioning it, it must be a blunder" and it was the move.

  8. Danya more of this plss!! GM Puzzle's are underrated!! would help us very much!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I hit 2400 puzzle rating in July 2021, then 2500 in October 2021, and finally got to 2600 earlier today. Was so happy to hit 2600! And so happy to see a new puzzle video! What a good day ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Danya for all that you do for us.

  10. Long variation, wrong variation.


  11. I'd love to see you solving high levelled lichess puzzles!

  12. On the first one the blackbqueen has a check

  13. Me on the last puzzle of this video: hmm… okay if 1. rxa2 1.qxa2 2.ndc4+, if 2. ke6 2. qxc6+ 3. ke7 3.qd7+ 4. kf8 4.qxf7#. So instead if 2.ke7 2. qxc7+ 3.ke6(3.kf8 4. qxf7#) 3.qxc6+ 4.ke7 4.qd7+ 4. kf8 5. qxf7#. The knight on c4 and rook on f1 are unsung heroes in this attack! But that's not all because after 2.ndc4+ black has 2. kd5 2qxe6+ 3.kd4 3.rf4+ 4. kc3 4.na6+!! absolutely beautiful move right here, i'd highly recommend going over this line. 4.kb3 (4.qd4 5.qxd4#) 5.qxf3#. Chefs kiss. I admittedly used stockfish for this. I remember in my calculations having a refutation for 2.kd5, but I just completely forgot it. Back to the start though. 2.ndc4+ 2.kc5 is where it gets tricky. 3.qxc6+ 3. kb4 (3.kd4 transposes into the previous line) 4. nd3+. If 4.kb3 5.nd2+! I am proud of finding this move, as it is was not easy for me to visualize, but after 5. ka2, 5.ka3, or 5.ka4, 6. qa6#. If 4.kc3 5.ncb2+! 5. ke4 only move 6.rf4+ 6. ke3 7. qe4#! Brilliant sequence! With that, whichever way the king moves, black is sure to get checkmated! so blacks only option is to play 2.qxc4, after which 3. nxc4+ followed by moving the queen out of the way ensures a winning endgame! Brilliant!

    unpauses video

    Danya: Yeah so 2.Qxc6 is clearly winning, no need to even calculate further.


  14. Re: puzzle rating vs "difficulty", I'm sure it's a lot simpler. I'd bet a body part that the puzzles are treated just like players. The rating goes up as it stumps and down as it's solved. It can hang out at the wrong rating for a bit if weak players get lucky or strong players miss something. At least that seems like the easiest way to code it. I'd bet that the puzzles YouTubers solve have a rating dip caused by the video for a few weeks.

  15. Why the video quality is so low? Anyway – great video my friendo, one day i will be as good as you!!!!

  16. Another outstanding video! It's fantastic to get the perspective of a GM, and your in-depth explanations are very helpful.

  17. I feel that what comes out of his mouth is exactly what is going on in his head – which is kind of amazing that he can so clearly convey his thought process extemporaneously with his thinking. HOW he thinks, for me, is where the greatest learning occurs. He is thinking things that have not even entered my mind. I think he is the best chess instructor on the internet. There are other streamers out there who may be more entertaining – but they're usually not as instructive.

  18. That was awesome Danya ! Thanks !

  19. This was a solid class of Calculations. I definitely needed this lesson.

  20. The last one, I almost immediately saw rook takes a2

  21. Danya, I just came from watching a movie w my gf in a cinema. It was about murder and this type of stuff, so nice to get in bed and forget all the anxiety watching your videos. Thank you

  22. My calculations were same as yours, lol even the one you got wrong, I though same pattern as yours!

  23. This was like seeing a magician revealing how his tricks work. I could watch for hours, Daniel! Thank you so much!

  24. "That's gotta be the move", words that I really struggle to accept as a red flag in my own thinking. Chess is so unforgiving sometimes, and those concrete calculations just don't care if a move LOOKS good! ๐Ÿ˜…

  25. Just hit 54 on puzzle rush survival!!! Thanks for the help with these videos!!!!

  26. I love chess puzzles. I'm 1800 rating blitz, but 2700 puzzle rating xD

  27. 32:17 What about if instead of Qb4, you play Qa3, simultaneously threatening Qf8# and Bb6 discovery, winning the queen on f3? I can't find any refutation, although black does get 3 minor pieces for the queen.

  28. I cannot believe that series is a year ago, incredible content

  29. my puzzle rating is 2300 and rapid 1200, is this normal?

  30. The puzzle you missed is very hard. I'm 2700 on lichees and I got it wrong too.

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