Try to Explain this GENIUS Queen Sacrifice!! #chess #chesspuzzle

actually insane brilliant queen sac to force a win for white, can you find the remaining continuation after the queen is taken?


  1. Yoooo I got it. Kxh4 bf6+ g5. The bc3!! Trying to go be1 deflecting the queen and then g3 is mate. And if he goes g4 just go bf6 and that’s mate now.

  2. It isnt forced mate unless im not calculating far enough

  3. Black doesn't get mated, does it? Bishop doesn't really stop the stealing of the white queen either.

  4. It's a mate if king takes because after king takes Bishop f6 is mate

  5. Where’s the mate? If Bf6+ then black just plays g5

  6. I see. If Black King eats queen the bishop go to f6 and and its mate. If he avoids by moving King to F5 then white queen will move to F6 and its mate so yeah, black is screwed.

  7. Winning endgame for white but not forced mate here. unless black blunder

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