Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

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  1. Rook 8a is not force check, what about white queen f2?

  2. This match was played between ficsher and karpov

  3. это не мат в три хода…

  4. Why can't queen take B6 and after rook takes back you take queen and the threat is gone?

  5. If Queen will take g3 then rip rook But you wont be mated in 3 lmao

  6. but rook a8.he can push pawn to g4

  7. As a 900 and someone who has experienced a similar endgame i see it as an absolute winn😅

  8. Bro when black rook a8 queen can go e4 block then black queen capture then no longer control g1 square then kg1 then black queen d4 check then king h1 then rook h8 mate ( it is checkmate in 5;))))

  9. Its not a forced checkmate Qe5 stops mate but ur in a winning position

  10. If he just moved up the checkmate wasnt able

  11. what if you just let the rook take the rook? You wouldn't win in 3 moves right?

  12. Wtf i solved this and i aleays solve your tasks but in the match i plays badly in middle of match i starts good but in the end i plays best

  13. So losing a rook is worse than being checkmated?

  14. Also queen h4 is a crazy move but you do you

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