Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

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  1. I did this type of checkmate recently, went from almost resigning due to being able to get mated in one because of a mouse slip to winning with this brilliant checkmate type

  2. Funny how I saw that right away because I always see the checks first. But I always lose pieces due to that tho😅

  3. what about :black starts-> Kg3 , xg3 , Ra8 , but instead of stupid pawn push white can go Rb4 or Qe4 and there is no checkmate for black and white is winning cause of a past pawn and a knight up

  4. Queen E2 or E4 or bishop E2 instead of pawn B7 saves white for another turn, but it’s still essentially over.

  5. admit it, you found the knight check but didn't calculate how to mate

  6. What about rook b4 attacking the queen so it’s not mate?

  7. qb2 is extra terrible. the rook can just take the rook and you can't take back.

  8. If only there was always someone in my ear telling me there’s checkmate in 3 moves… I’d be unstoppable.

  9. Why not Queen f2 Bishop takes, and horse e3

  10. But what is after rock a8 you Play Queen e4 attacking the black Queen and If the Queen Takes you can move then ITS No longer Checkmate LAMO!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What if white plays Kh2 on the last move instead of pushing the pawn.
    Edit: my bad, after watching the vid again I saw the pawn was blocking the escape square.

  12. Chat gpt has entered the chat

    Move g2 to g4 edit add 3 queens on h8 g8 f8 check mate ez bro that was so easy .

  13. But it isnat forced chekmate there yet I think doesn’t Qf2 save it?

  14. I did see this idea with the knight…so progress for me 😅

  15. Never let them know your next move

    White sacrifices the rook

  16. Francisco javier De la torre barrena says:

    Man and i thought maybe kg3 was kinda bad bc i forgot about the rook and It resulted In being the Best move

  17. My 20 Eli brain was thinking rook a 2 queen g4 knight h4 room takes g2 pawn so it’s a zugswang bc bishop has to take rook or it’s checkmate but if bishop takes rook queen takes bishop checkmate

  18. white can avoid checkmate in 3 because when rook a8 white can play queen f2

  19. There’s no way I would see this in a real game but if playing towards a bot or online piece of cake (stress)

  20. The knight check was actually the first thing I saw but I missed the idea of rerouting the rock.

  21. Can’t white delay checkmate by 1 move by sacrificing the queen?

  22. Amazing video, it helps a lot!
    You should do these more often!

  23. White could see this and move bishop e2, then the next move play h5 blocking checkmate

  24. Its nice but for me it seams to be a forced rook and not a forced checkmate…

  25. i thought qxb6 and rook takes back queen would work but ig not

  26. Knight g3 is the solution!! I found it!! I am proud of myself!! ❤️❤️

  27. So maybe they take with queen so it’s not checkmate..:

  28. cap what if white plays qf2 in the second move. it won't be over in 3 moves

  29. The thing is the best moves for white is first to take the knight with the queen and just accept being a rook down or if he still takes with the pawn to sac the queen on f2 to move the queen out of the way of the 4th row to pull your rook down to block the rook on the h file while keeping it protected by a pawn. However it's still mate if queen just takes the bishop with check and then pulls the rook back up to a1

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