Timing Is Everything! ♔ Crazy Chess Puzzle ♗ Improve Your Chess Through Puzzles ♛

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In this video, the goal is to win without stalemating the opponent! It is possible, but you have to be super careful! Try to calculate as deeply as possible before trying to solve it. Please subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – 4r3/p1p1pPp1/P1P1P1P1/5K2/3p2P1/7p/3P1ppr/3R1nkq w – – 0 1

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  1. Whites A pawn can promote to Queen, then go to A1, rook takes knight Checkmate. A smothered mate with Knight is I admit more interesting, however you like mentioning tempo. Using Queen and Rook for mate seems like two less moves than Knight…two less tempo. Still mate in 19 or mate in 17? Either is forced mate so equal to me.

  2. The real puzzle is – how the hell did black ended in this position and how many blunders he made? 😀
    PS: JK, I get the concept of chess puzzles and that they are made up! It is a nice one 🙂

  3. Your videos have been really helpful I’ve been watching since I was a 300 I just hit 1000 today!

  4. These puzzles are amazing. Great job, thanks 🙂

  5. At 4:03 white can promote to a queen and win quickly by Qa1 and then R X f1#. Why this promotion to Knight is required???

  6. Can it be done like this?

    Nf6 anyxf6
    Ke4 f5+
    Kxd3 f4
    Ke2 f3

  7. Every final knight promotion in every line doesn't need to be a knight but to be fair it is cooler to mate with a knight

  8. the ego boost i got from my gut feeling picking the right move everytime without actually calculating 😎 i like your videos man theyre more fun than actually solving puzzles

  9. Pawn on z8 becomes queen then b4 qa1 and just rook takes knight next

  10. 8:30:
    promotion to night works.
    but why not just promote to a queen? (next moves: Qa1, Rxf1++)

  11. I am wondering. Doesn't bringing the king to e2 threaten a checkmate?

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