This Puzzle Won’t Let You Sleep – Can You Solve it? | Chess Endgame Problem – Find the Best Moves!

Here’s a very interesting chess endgame puzzle, with a position that is actually winning for white. I couldn’t sleep until I found its solution. This puzzle will improve your chess skills & sharpen your tactical concepts. Let’s see if you can solve it!


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  1. Didn’t it draw when the knight killed the queen?

  2. Solved sir
    1)rook to e5
    2) another rook to e1
    3) rook to e8
    4)he have to capture it through queen or rook if he takes with queen then recapture his queen through our rook then he will capture our rook if he not capture then rook will captures his rook our rook sacrifices then queen to g7 will be checkmate
    And nowsweetie is gone

  3. After Ra7+ Kb8, White can play Nd6 to win the game too.
    After Kxa7 Nb5+, anywhere the king moves then Na3

  4. Re8 and the puzzle comes to understand that he is done 😂😂

  5. Wouldn't Nb6 than Na4 allso be winning? If he takes the rook you take the pawn and if he promotes you go Rb7+ but this time the king has more than one square

  6. white moves rook to e8 if black takes the rook with rook then queen g7 is a checkmate. so going back if black takes the rook with our queen then queen f6 check he is forced to move the rook to g7 then queen takes g7 is a checkmate so after rook e8 black will lose either his king or queen.

  7. The moves are first knight b6 check then rook to b7 check king has to take or we can simply can take the pawn when knight gives check at c4. Btw I thought of knight b6 after thinking for 5 mins,nice puzzle!

  8. Re8,Qxe8

    Or if after Re8 , he remove his queen anywhere then we will play Rxg8,Kxg8

  9. U r a very deep thinker.Amazing idea to avoid a draw.

  10. And the sweetie is gone… that sentence puts a juice u my tummy 😂

  11. Ne7 attacking the rook so Rf8 or Re8 and then white move Qf6#


  13. Actually, it's hard to find a great move in the real match

  14. Bro but why black don't eat white's rook for save him from checkmate🙏🙏

  15. rook e8 if rook takes rook then queen to g7 is a checkmate and if queen takes rook then queen f6 check rook g7 then queen takes g7 is a checkmate so after rook e8 black will lose either his king or queen.

  16. Rook to e8
    Then black has two options either to take rook by queen or rook.
    Case1 : If black rook captures white rook, then queen to g7 and checkmate.
    Case 2 : if black Queen captures rook then white queen to g6, then black rook to g7 and white queen captures rook at g7 and it's checkmate.

  17. And if pawn is promoted to bishop or rook then

  18. White move Re8 black move Qxr white move Qf6 black move rg7 white move Qxr

  19. Rook to e8. If your opponent takes the rook with the rook, then Qg7 is a checkmate. If your opponent takes takes the rook with the queen, Qf6 check, rook blocks and Qxg7 is a checkmate. If your opponent doesn't take the rook then you can take either the queen or the rook.

  20. Solution for puzzle:
    Rook E8,if Rook takes,Queen G7 is a checkmate, if Queen takes Rook,Queen F3 ,followed by Rook G7,Queen takes on G7 is mate,if Queen stays on D8,you can take with your Rook, If he moves to G5,yo can take the Queen with your Queen because the Rook is pinned

  21. 3:29


    1: Re8+!! Qxe8 (if Rxe8, Qg7#)
    2: Qf6+, Rg7
    3: Qxg7#

  22. “and the sweetie is gone” has its own fanbase

  23. Amazing amazing puzzle sir 🙏🤝🤝👏👏👏👏

  24. For this new puzzle at the end, I would go Re8. If the Queen takes, then you move your Wueen to f6, and force a mate.

  25. this one is so highlevel that even super gm will miss in rapid or blitz. and the answer for the puzzle is Re8, queen takes, Qf6 and mate on g7

  26. re8 bcause queen takes theres qf6 mate if rook takes qg7?

  27. Last puzzle -Re8. And black is gone!!
    If queen captures then our Qf6 it is #, if their rook captures then Qg7 is straight away #.

  28. 3:28 rook to e8 is the best move
    Because after it the black queen will capture the rook then white queen to f6 (check) the black only have one move i.e. rook to g7 then capture the rook and game is over

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