This Puzzle Won’t Let You Sleep – Can You Solve it? | Chess Endgame Problem – Find the Best Moves!

Here’s a very interesting chess endgame puzzle, with a position that is actually winning for white. I couldn’t sleep until I found its solution. This puzzle will improve your chess skills & sharpen your tactical concepts. Let’s see if you can solve it!


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  1. For this puzzle I would go to knight e7 then queen f6

  2. First of all a brilliant puzzle, solution : Re8 , then if he captures by rook then Qg7 is a mate, or if he captures with quen then Qf6+ then the force move is Rg7 then Qxg7# , or if he doesn't capture our rook then we don't have to take is queen we will simply play Rxg8+ then force move is Qxg8 then Qf6+ blocking with the queen is forced then Qxg7# GAME OVER

  3. Nice puzzle. But you say, " to eliminate this piece"… Well it is a pawn. Not a piece.

  4. No by deja vu i got the answer on first look

  5. Rooke e8, if queen takes the rook then queen f6 and then g7 is mate .

  6. Knight to e7 rook to e8 queen to f6 checkmate

  7. Rook E8 if he captures with the queen then queen F7 is a smothered checkmate and if he captures with the rook then queen G7 is a checkmate

  8. Second problems: Quick observations. White’s knight and Queen both threaten g7. But blacks rook protects it.

    1. Re8 forks blacks Queen and rook while also pinning the rook, implying that g7 is no longer protected. White threatens mate and the only responses that regain protection over g7 and avoid mate in the next move are:
    (I) Qxe8 2. Qf6 Rg7 3. Qg7 (mate)
    (II) Qg5 2. Qxg5 Rxe8 3. Qg7 (mate)

    1. Re7 seemed like an option too, blocking the queens protection over f6. But black has a dangerous follow up with Rg6. The original idea of the attack is jeopardized and black might have a chance to defend, develop and threaten a counter punch on the g-file. I didn’t follow it far enough to know who comes out on top. Go with 1. Re8…

  9. 1.Ra7+ Kb8 2.Nd6 is a better try, but it still doesn't work: 2.Nd6 Kxa7 (2… b1 Q 3.Rb7+ Qxb7+ 4.Nxb7 wins for White) 3.Nb5+ Kb6 4.Nc3 Ka5. Unfortunately for White the black king is too close and his own h-pawn is too far from promoting, so the position is a draw.
    If you move the white h-pawn forward one square to h5, then 1.Ra7+ does in fact work: 1.Ra7+ Kb8 2.Nd6 Kxa7 3.Nb5+ Kb6 4.Nc3 Ka5 5.Kg5 Kb4 6.Nb1 Kb3 7.h6 Kc2 8.h7 Kxb1 9.h8 Q with a well-known theoretical win for White.

  10. Ra7. Kb8; Nb6. Kc8; Ra8 Kb or c or d7; Rb8 taking pawn b2 whatever King does, simple ending follows

  11. There is another solution. Ra7 check, only move king b8, then kd6, if black makes a queen we just give check from R7 and if black take the rook we just play Kb5 check and whenever king will go doesn't matter, we just play Kc3 stop promoting pawn and win the game by our own pawn…

  12. Rook e8 and qdxe8 and queen f6 and rook g7 and qfxg7 is a checkmate #


  14. Puzzle Solution:
    Re8 is the best move for white. If he takes the rook with his rook, it's mate in one with Qg7#
    If he takes the rook with his queen, we play Qf6+, black is forced to play Rg7, and again, it's mate in one with Qg7#
    If he doesn't take the rook, we play Rxg8+
    If black plays Kxg8 after we play Rxg8+, it's mate in one with Qg7#
    In the position after we play Rxg8+, if he takes with the queen, then we play Qf6+, black has to play Qg7 to block, then it's mate in one with Qxg7#
    So basically, Re8 wins the game for white.

  15. 1.Re8!! is a stunning Brillient move!
    [If …Qxe8 ,there is a forcing mate in 2.
    Firstly, 2.Qf6+ Rg7 and 3.Qxg7 mate.
    And if he captures with the rook;
    Rxe8, then we have the move 2.Qxg7 # 1-0].
    [If he dose'nt capture, instead he plays natural move like …Qg5, then
    we have 2.Rxg8 Qxg8 and then 3.Qf6+ Qg7 and 4.Qxg7 mate.
    If he captures with the King; 2…Kxg8 3.Qxf5+ Kf8 4.Qg7+ Ke8 and Qg8 # 1-0 is a beautiful

  16. Solution to the puzzle: knight moves to e7 leading to 2 probable outcomes. First, black moves its rook to f8 or e8, in either cases, we move our queen to f6, and that's a mate. In the other case if instead of moving rook, black captures our knight with its queen, we take her using the rook of e1 square. Further, if black rook moves to f8 or e8, we capture it using our queen or our rook respectively. And the simple capture of the rook would result a mate!

  17. Move bishop e7 and his rook is attacked and he can't take it with queen and just move then bishop g6 is a chackmate

  18. 1.Nb6+ Kb8 2.Rc3! then if black promotes, white can set up the nice fork with 3.Nd7+ Ka7 4.Ra3+ Kb7 5.Rb3+ QxR 6.Nc5+ forking the King and Queen 1-0
    SO EASY yawn 😴😴😴 definitely didn't keep up all night or anything like this stupid clickbait title suggests. If anything got so bored solving this beginner's level puzzle that it almost put me to sleep that way. Black promoting to Knight instead of Queen is only mildly amusing so this puzzle officially sucks

  19. Answer of the puzzle u gave is Re8 if Rxe8 then Qg7# or else if Qxe8 then Qf6+ Rg7 and Qxg7#

  20. What about this?
    1.Nb6+ Kb8 2. Na4 or Nc4 attacking the pawn. If promotes, Rb7+ and we win the promoted pawn for both pieces

  21. Puzzle Answer: White had to start with Rook to e8 offering black a free rook, in this position black has two options that he had to take the rook with his queen or rook, black cannot take the white rook with his rook because if he did that then queen to g7 is a checkmate. Therefore he will take the rook with his queen and guess what, black is totally lost, after that queen to f6 check, black had to block the check with his rook because he is left with no more options and then we will simply take his rook with our queen and that's a beautiful checkmate.

  22. But Jeetendra how will we do it if Example: b1=B ?

  23. Rook e8 sacrifice
    Queen takes
    Queen to f6
    Black has only one move rook g7
    And queens takes g7 mate

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