This Puzzle Will Test If You Love Chess

Here’s the puzzle FEN:
3N4/8/8/7K/5p1n/8/8/3k3n w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1934 (version)

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The chess set behind me:
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The Board:

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  1. I really enjoyed this puzzle. It truly shows how endgames in chess can be really fascinating. With that in mind, I happened to stumble upon a short puzzle when analyzing one of my games. It involves a position where white is threatening checkmate in 1 and it may look like black has nothing to do to stop the mate (or mate the white king), black actually has a really nice couple of moves. I know this puzzle is very short (like around 4 moves to complete it), but I still think that it's fascinating. The FEN is this: 6k1/3R4/6pQ/2p2p2/2P2P2/6KP/1P2q3/8 b – – 0 1 I hope that you (or anyone who looks at this position) sees how chess puzzles can appear in a game of chess without you even realizing it. I'm so happy that I analyzed that game as I wouldn't have seen this short puzzle otherwise. I hope that anyone who looks at this is as fascinated as me.

  2. Nice video rly appreciate the Beauty of what has happened ❤❤❤ chess4ever

  3. At the GM level, they say the bishop is stronger, but at the sub-1200 level, the knight is a much bigger pain in the ass than the bishop.

  4. This puzzle is just mind blowing. Who will that 3 knights cant beat the lonely king!

  5. why can't we start with knight to f7? after f7, we can still play knight to e5. and i think at the end, king to b4 also results in a draw.

  6. why cant you move the king early to avoid the fork?

  7. I think for me its more that most of these puzzles mainly end with black losing or being forced to draw. when I use to play on a chess team in high school, our advisor primarily taught us the king Indian Defense and playing as black. so for me it tends to feel a bit disheartening when there's rarely any situations where to side I spent the most time as get a win.

  8. A play a draw with only king vs Knight and 3 pews xdxd

  9. That's not a stalemate, it's a stable mate! Nice vid.

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