This Puzzle Will Test If You Love Chess

Here’s the puzzle FEN:
3N4/8/8/7K/5p1n/8/8/3k3n w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1934 (version)

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  1. Who composed this puzzle? How do you even make something like this😮

  2. I can't love chess without loving contrived endgame puzzles?

  3. What if instead the black king moves one spot so the puzzle would be solved

  4. The fact that with best plays from both sides White can actually draw this game from this position is fascinating. Of course moving the king immediately to threaten the marching Black pawn ain't happening because of the coverage by the two Black knights, so White's knight has to be the hero. As the video progressed as soon as the possibility of Black getting a third knight happens, instantly I'm thinking draw by stalemate. And sure enough, Ne3+, Nxe3+; Ke4 happens. I'm thinking 'Black, don't defend both knights, you're gonna walk into a stalemate trap!!'. But …Ke2 and…oops. 🤣🤣

  5. now I want to see the 3 knights mate puzzle for completion

  6. Great puzzle! Do you have some plans to do analysis of your instructive games as well? Or any instructive game videos?

  7. Nelsi, why don't you make a discord server?

  8. WoW! I'm always confused about two Knights endings. If Checkmate can be achieved why isn't the game, in competitions, allowed to go on? Seems unfair to me.

  9. Patzer like me: At least stalemate is still a mate

  10. Hi Nelson! I just want to say that I recently discovered you, you have been much more help than others. Keep it up!
    And yes this puzzle…. was amazing!

  11. At 8:13 if the Knight can't go to g4, can't it go to c4? Then if the pawn promotes to a Q, the Knight can still fork with check on e3?

  12. I didn't think I loved chess, but after this I'm thinking maybe I do because that was beautiful

  13. Why black dosnt move his king from the begining so white couldnt fork anymore?

  14. I thought about Ne3, then the king has the fork but you just protect with Ke2, didnt think about it being a stalemate

  15. 2:38, I managed to calculate this variation with the royal fork idea, I think my chess is getting a bit better

  16. why not move the black king to protect the pawn and avoid forking?

  17. I don't even play chess and that made me laugh. (I do understand the rules and used to play occasionally)

  18. "what do you notice about this position" I audibly gasped

  19. It's a fascinating puzzle, although I believe I will simply resign if I'm playing in a real game as white

  20. I've loved and passionately played chess for a long time and I must say, your video are a definite reason for it. I mean I guessed three knights would lead to a stalemate trap, but man the beauty with which it happened, the smooth coordination and structure of the knights are so wonderful. Have watched this vid 10 times and still love the beauty of the stalemate trap

  21. Whoa… That was just beautiful. I love this channel, it's quite literally boosting my rating by a few points a week by making sure I study the examples, puzzles, and advice. Really helpful, and a lot of fun to learn this way. NM Nelson has a great eye for the beauty of chess.

  22. I like that, I guess I love chess. Also, I'd like to see a 3 knight mate. Or maybe I wouldn't.

  23. Why doesnt king g4 h3 h2 work, if he goes to a queen its stalemate and if he moves horse you take pawn, thrn he has to move the king and you can come with your horse

  24. Why does the knight to f7 was the wrong what makes it different??

  25. I didn’t even consider ke2 would be a stalemate at first, that’s amazing

  26. 4:24 Why shouldn't the king run away? I see Black's answers to Kg6 and Kh6 but what can Black do after Kf6?

  27. Thanks for sharing this amazing puzzle, Nelson!

  28. I found Ne3#, Ke4 it’s gonna have to be a good day 😂

  29. I actually found those last few moves pretty quickly

  30. I wonder how brilliant are the person who creates this kind of studies…

  31. I just discovered this channel and it’s quickly becoming my number one source for chess puzzles! Thanks YouTube algorithm! And also Nelson!

  32. I though I got this in the bag with 1 king vs 1 king and a knight, but with this stale mate, it give more sense.

    My move was white king h4, black king e2 to protect the pawn. White knight to e6, black pf3, white knight to d4 checking king. Black king to e3 , white knight to c2 for check. If the king keeps blocking e2 and e3, it will be a draw. If he move very slightly, the knight will eat the pawn.

  33. 3:50 Couldn't White's knight go Nc4 for the same effect of threatening the fork if White King moved to g4?

  34. The stalemate was a surprise, very elegant solution, in the center and with reduced material!

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