This Puzzle Will Test If You Love Chess

Here’s the puzzle FEN:
3N4/8/8/7K/5p1n/8/8/3k3n w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1934 (version)

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  1. Actually I got the starting idea to check and fork in e3 but I started with 1)Nf7 it seems the same …

  2. What about sacrificing the knight to use the king to fork on g4?

  3. Three knights vs one feels like one of those theoretical wins that only stockfish and GMs can actually achieve.

  4. All predicated on it being white's move.
    In the first part, trying to defend with the king you made it be black's move.
    Then defending with the knight you made it be white's move.

  5. I wonder at which level players can actually see through all those lines, including the stalemate idea versus three knights.

  6. It is problems like these as to why I love chess.

  7. That last stalemate was something brilliant 👍

  8. (@3:53) white could go Kg4 as white’s knight can go to c4 instead and still be in a position to fork. The problem is black has Nhf5 or Ngf5 and now the knight again guards the e3 square and white’s king can’t take the knight.

  9. Why not just promote to a knight instead of queen ?

  10. i don't love chess, but when you said "stalemate", i smiled 🙂

  11. oh now I remember why I hate this game, thanks

  12. I'll admit that I was pointing at the king and smiled when you said it was a stalemate.

  13. Is 3 knights vs 1 knight a drawn endgame?

  14. 1:30 You say that there are four options and one of them is the correct move. Why would Nf7 fail? It gets the knight to e5 on move two the same way. Is there something else that invalidates it?

  15. Chess is a beautiful game that stands the test of time.

  16. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So sure…given the wide spectrum of human experience, massive panic and anxiety must be considered beautiful to some. 🙃

  17. at 4:07 can't black put the horsey to f5 to stop the fork at e3 and can't be taken cause it's protected by the other horsey?

  18. At 6:40, If Nf2 check and follow it up with Kg4 forking the other 2 knights. Is there any tricks there for black?

  19. Very nice! Next video show us how 3 knights and aking vs knight and king is a win.😃

  20. Man these puzzles show why within 2 years I completely fell for chess. I just keep getting amazed at this game and your channel showcasing so many awesome and fascinating puzzles or concepts really helps

  21. Stalemates be like:
    “It’s over!”
    “I can’t move”
    “Damn, guess it’s a draw”

  22. That is a pretty rare stalemate to come upon. Chess is awesome and puzzle like this are the reasons why I love chess.

  23. Back to starting position. Can you please explain why Nc3 is the only winning move instead of Ne3?

  24. The underpromotion and the stalemate at the end was completely unexpected. Very cool!

  25. Another fine study by V. Jakimtsjik, made in 1934. There's a more famous one by Herbstman & Kubbel (1937) with the same idea that features (1) multiple stalemates in side-variations as well, and (2) an even more beautiful finish where the white king forks THREE knights on f2, f3, f4 by playing to g3, forcing Black to play …Ke3 to defend them all and causing stalemate.

  26. Why is 3 knights against 1 knight a win, and how often does it occur

  27. I did find the simple solution of putting your knight on g4 to force the pawn to capture the pawn if it doesn't get pushed and fork the king and pawn if it did get pushed, but the problem I had was that there wasn't a sequence of moves to get there that forces black's hand, since the first move in the chain doesn't attack the pawn, black could move anything he wants, which made me believe it was the weong solution.

    Obviously I stood no chance at fihuring out the rest of the puzzle.

  28. When I saw this puzzle, I immediately thought that there must be a crazy variation where white promotes into a knight.

  29. Why doesn't Nf7 work as the first move? Like Nc6, it also allows the followup of Ne5.

  30. It was actually fascinating I'm just an intermediate player in chess then while training I'm thinking that i can't reach my goal to be a grandmaster one day. So I watch chess videos everyday thinking that I cannot win I cannot be a grandmaster but today I was scrolling then I saw this puzzle and it caught my eye. So I started watching this video and it inspired me a lot that i had to comment and also the puzzle told me a message that I can do anything I just have to believe in myself. This is why i really love chess it's so satisfying and all the combination's help me for my other games. I just want to see more of this puzzles. Thanks' Nelson for teaching me chess even do we are not F2F (face to face) I will always' be your inspiration in chess.

  31. I analyzed this with the engine and it almost suggested an alternate suggestion of kf6 (only -1) at 4:29, however the knight promotion does win for black there since there aren't any stalemates, and the tablebase says its DTZ 60

  32. 1:42 Well, you didnt explain the outcome for this match when instead moving the pawn, you go with the knight h4 to g2 or King to e2 after whites first move.

  33. You probably can't see it, but I am Smiling AND Appreciating!

  34. How is 3 knights against 1 knight a win when 2 knights is a draw?

  35. Doesn't Nf7 work for the first move as well? Because you can still move Ne5, attacking black's pawn.

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