This Puzzle Will Blow Your Mind

Puzzle FEN:
1b6/4P3/1P2PN2/8/8/P1k5/P1p2P2/K5B1 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
1st Prize
M. Liburkin, 1933

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  1. Curious. Why move out bishop to h2 to lure their bishop away if it loses the piece? Why not Bd4 forcing the trade? You lose the bishop and knight but attract the king away from the pawn so our king can defend against promotion and then just promote one of our pawns?

  2. on 9:38 just move the bishop to d4 or f6 back and forth, at least white cant win

  3. Al minuto 11:14 il Bianco non è costretto a dare subito il cavallo ed il pedone prima dello scacco in c1+, ma può prima procedere in questo modo: 1.Cc1+, Ke4; 2.Kb2, Kxf5; 3.Cc7, Axc7; 4.e7,… E il Bianco vince!

  4. Anyone toss this into an engine to see how it did?

  5. Black wins. Instead of … Bg7, Re6 black plays Bf6. Nothing white does can stop being checkmated.

  6. Why don’t white moves bishop to d4 between black king and bishop? Black bishop should take it, then white horse takes black bishop still protecting from black queen to spawn, black king will take white horse and leave black pawn, and in that moment white king has time to stand under the black pawn. So threat is gone, an white pawns will go on rush.

  7. this is not really a "white wins" puzzle if black can force a draw. black still has to make a mistake for white to win

  8. @10:07 what if the bishop just goes to D4. Knight can not capture because it needs to keep on defending the queening square. Rook rook would have to continue chasing the bishop forever no?

  9. Extremely easy puzzle initially, I saw the sequence immediately. I normally need to think with puzzles. Although the knight promotion was tricky, then it got not so clear.
    Underpromotions galore. Good stuff.

  10. 6:01 what if the bishop moves to D4. If the white knight takes then black's pawn moves forward and it's still a checkmate.

  11. What about Kb2 after Kd3? I think it’ll still be a draw!

  12. 5:18 What about bishop check defended by the knight, forcing them to lose their bishop?

  13. There is a point before the black king move, where white still had its bishop.. it could have moved D4 and the king couldn't capture since the knight protected and that would have stopped 90% of this puzzle since it prevented the the black bishop moves. If black took the exchange its down to king and 1 pawn and white would have more. I think white would win since the black king would have to take the white knight and be drawn away from its last pawn.

  14. Under promoting to knight, then bishop, then rook… no queens. Clearly a misogynistic chess puzzle!!

  15. That wasn’t necessarily the only way to not lose, keeping your bishop on G1 allowed it to block the black bishop if the kind moved, although it would’ve been a knight and bishop for just a bishop, you could’ve promoted to a queen. Kind of a risky trade but it works (I believe)
    (Edit:) I realized black would’ve promoted their pawn with mate in one, oops

  16. In the thumbnail you indicated it was blacks move by placing an arrow at the pawn. That is a completely different scenario than opening the video and saying it's whites move!

  17. Stockfish ruins this puzzle at the 6:24 mark. After pawn push to b7, instead of bishop to e5, black should move king to d3. The game essentially becomes a draw.

  18. Excellent study, great presentation style 😊

  19. Instead of b7 would also be Nf6 work?
    Nf6 Be5
    Ng4 hitting the Bishop and still winning? Any thoughts

  20. Quite amazing love you the way you explain every move

  21. 6:06 knight to f6 is better imo. Follow up to g4 males it impossible for the bishop to do anything and you dont need to waste all these turns and pawns

  22. A mirror stalemate!!!Very weird!!!

  23. knight to c1 would be white win and i got it from stokfish so you can try

  24. Very good pedagogic show. Learned a lot from this, thank you !

  25. At 12:01 can’t black win king d2 then Knight to b3 check then king to d1 white is out of checks. If white knight d4 promote pawn if king runs b2 then bishop e5 check knight d4 bishop d4 king b3 black promotes pawn and wins

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