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🔹 A Puzzle That Tells YOUR Chess Level –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov provides you with an opportunity to test your chess rating level by challenging you with an interesting chess puzzle. Your task is to evaluate the position, calculate all variations, and find the best moves.

Not only does this exercise helps you to know where your chess level is currently, it also shows you the clear pathway to your chess progress. You will see exactly what skills you need to learn to get to the next level, the level above that, and so on.

Therefore, chess mastery becomes less mysterious to you, and you will know exactly how grandmasters think during a practical game.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle
01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…
01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…
03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…
06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…
07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

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  1. My move is pawn e5 🙂 with the idea of attacking later with Bd3+ and Qxd4+ what is my rating?

  2. A solid 1,800 rating. I just hit 1600 rating and the rating still increase.I hope I could hit 1,800 in my actual game.

  3. I'm an 800 rated (rapid) player and I didn't get past 1800 level. I never thought about the white knight opening up black king 😅

  4. I’m a 1250 in rapid and I saw after qxd4 the nd4+ sac to open the file for re1+ and I figured there that the position was losing and scrapped qxd4 altogether and decided on going kf6, I’m all over the place😭😂

  5. I got 1800 on the puzzle but hover between 1200 and 1250

  6. I always find tactis for my opponents after I play a move

  7. I'm either somewhere below 1800 or just a lazy 1800. I assumed the king could escape towards d1 and missed after Qg1+ the bishop on d3 would prevent the interposing Qf1 (should have seen that).
    Instead I assumed Qxd2 was the biggest threat instead of Bd3. I kinda assumed the bishop would come in next and white would still lose (as I didn't see any good ideas).

    (I don't think I'd ever found the knight move followed by the check with the rook… )

  8. I can see all the moves after you mention them.

  9. A bit optimistic: I am far from 1800 and could get this one easily…

  10. I tried this puzzle while playing against myself, I had to make white do meaningful moves that I would actually do if I were white , while ensuring that in the end black was Victorious.

    I’m not that good in chess , so this is how I did it 😅

    Black: Qxd4 [ The queen takes knight]
    White: Nd5+ [ There is check using the knight]
    Black: Kd6 [ Doesn't use pawn to kill knight as it is a defence area where the king may go if Queen is after him ]
    White: Ne3[ Defends knight while blocking Queen from trying to stop king from killing knight and therefore also defending the king]
    Black: Qxa1+ [ Takes advantage of knight not blocking rook and takes room, therefore making a check as well]
    White: Ke2 [ Easily avoids check by moving diagonally as it’s the only way possible]
    Black: Ke5 [ King is gonna take part in trapping the other king, however it will be very careful as white queen will be after him now]
    White: Qb8+ [ Does check]
    Black: Ke4 [ avoids check but still stays near white king at the same time]
    White: Qxb7+ [ Opponent Starts gaining some confidence as they have removed a pawn.They also do check]
    Black: Kd4 [ avoids check] 
    White: Qxa7 [ Does same method as last move, gains some more confidence]
    Black: Ke4 [ Does repetitive move]
    White: Qd7 [ Decides to play a different tactic , and moves over to and area where pawns come under threat. Soon queen can come closer to King to do check ]
    Black: Bh5 [ Uses bishop to do checkmate]

    Here I had used bishop a bit differently but it worked!
    Pls tell if I have written a move wrong, or I did any blunders or mistakes. But in my opinion this is how black checks , my strategy includes giving white confidence and making them think they will win,so they do a blunder and black can check

  11. I saw any potential attacking threads I could make, so around 800-1000

  12. I didn't see Qf3 but I did see Nd5, so I'm thinking im what rated?

  13. I'm happy cause i saw all variations and have a rating of 2570.

  14. 1800..It is a bit overestimate I would say..I might think like 1800 in many sitations, but if my execution is that of 1650 on average, my rating will be that. But not off my a lot.

  15. I’ve been playing puzzles all the time, and they drive me to thinking I should look for the check first 🤨

  16. I stopped at the "1800 rating part" of the calculation; however, I'm 1300 in 5 min no increment blitz. I think the ratings you gave might be a little generous.

  17. I noticed that I can pin the knight to the rook but not the checkmate threat it gives, so maybe on the higher end of beginner like 900-1000.

    My problems are that I don’t think as hard for the opponent as I do for myself AND that I don’t calculate many possible lines for myself anyways. As soon as I find a good move and calculate like one or two lines at a low depth I play it. I only see grandmaster level tactics AFTER I accidentally play some of the moves there, and I hate how I can play at my best and still be very open for roasts by some gothamchess who could calculate that a random move I played that I thought was good walks into a forced mate in 12 trap that sacrifices 2 rooks and a queen.

  18. According to that puzzle i am 2570 elo – i am 1200 elo only

  19. I did spend some time and saw the bishop move. My bcf grade 25 years ago was 130, maybe about 1500. Haven't played s lot in the meanwhile but very interested by your channel, it's great

  20. Comment a little off-topic but I was thinking of my grandfather who taught me to play chess (I am not a good player; he was). It was the 1960's and he played as many as 15 games at a time…. all through the mail. It was called 'postal chess' and the games took a very long time. My grandmother found him dead in his chair where he peacefully passed away with his pen in hand and postal chess cards in a stack.

  21. Wouldn't it be funny if I started a parody chess instruction channel that showed 800 level moves while pretending I'm in a position to be teaching. "Rule number one: Always put your opponent in check as a priority no matter what." "And remember, students, pawns don't matter so don't even worry about losing them, they're not going to help you." Ha, ha.

  22. Then would you like to explain how I can directly think of 2400 elo moves without considering lower rating solutions?

  23. As someone, who doesn't play chess, I got around 1000-1200 xP
    I saw the free knight and the white queen's follow up, as well as the king's escape from it.

  24. What I you threaten the knight with the e6 pawn? I do not know what my elo is.

  25. from the start i saw bishop b4 in my mind's eye, going to be a gm

  26. A factor to, is time, how much time do you have for this calculation.

  27. 1600 rated, got 1200 on the puzzle haha. Although, I did briefly consider the knight check, but trashed it quickly. I considered it bad as I didn't see the rook check :/

  28. I calculated everything but the bishop move at the end. But really could not find an concreate alternate solution i was happy with with anything but queen takes so i gave up then watched the video. currently im rating 1550 ish in the Australian rating system. I dont know what rating you would give me as i prob wouldn’t judged the queen takes to risky as i didnt see the bishop move and the lines without it all losses. So i prob would of tried some kind queen readjustment move maybe. Shoot my shot in the darkness then get for what i thought was certain death.

  29. ► Chapters

    00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating

    00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle

    01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…

    01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…

    02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…

    02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…

    03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…

    05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…

    06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…

    07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

  30. So based on that I'm around 2200 then? 😅

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