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🔹 A Puzzle That Tells YOUR Chess Level –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov provides you with an opportunity to test your chess rating level by challenging you with an interesting chess puzzle. Your task is to evaluate the position, calculate all variations, and find the best moves.

Not only does this exercise helps you to know where your chess level is currently, it also shows you the clear pathway to your chess progress. You will see exactly what skills you need to learn to get to the next level, the level above that, and so on.

Therefore, chess mastery becomes less mysterious to you, and you will know exactly how grandmasters think during a practical game.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle
01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…
01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…
03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…
06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…
07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

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  1. The jokes on you, because I used an engine and now i am officially a 2570

  2. 1800. Actual rating not sure now. Last time I had an official rating when I competed was 1552, but thats been some years back.

  3. I'm really, really bad. I have a rating of 400 and blunder everything all the time. I noticed Queen takes the Knight, mate in one, knew that white would do something with their Queen and I crossed my fingers.

  4. I came up with 2200 and my actual rating in rapid is about 1800 🙂 Love this type of videos, thank you!

  5. I started chess this year and slowly but surely with the help of this great channel my rating should be 800. Thank you.

  6. somewhere between 1000-1200 level. I correctly assessed the initial state of the board, saw that the check with the bishop was not the best move and saw the free knight, which led me to see the potential checkmate. That's where it stops for me though, so I need to put more effort into assessing my opponents potential moves, it seems.

  7. In context, after watching the video. I will keep the points in mind.

  8. i found the taktic for 2200 but didnt found for 1600.. so what elo am i then xD

  9. Crazy, do I call myself a GM now? Ha ha ha. I used to play chess more than 25 years ago when I was a teenager and stopped due to studies, lack of sponsorship, etc. Now found renewed interest after watching videos and teach my son (now in mid 40s). yes I did win some tournaments too but never really reached those grand stages.
    Your videos are always informative, quality ones and I enjoy a lot. Thank you very much.

  10. What do you think of the strategy to play the pieces on the other site, so you can train the "opponent perspective" better? i tried and it's really hard to play like this, but i think it's a key to get more understanding of what the opponent is up to.

  11. 1800 for me. I saw the knight move but didnt see that after pawn captures night, the rook can give a check. Even if I had seen that it wouldve been too much perhaps for me to calculate after that. Loved this puzzle though. Can you recommend any material with stuff like this so I can improve my calculation power? I have your entire course and if anything in there is useful in this regard, let me know please

  12. I saw the sacrifice of the knight and the follow up rook check, but thought i could propably run away somehow and stopped calculating. Should have considered calculating a little further, will do so next time. So judging by this puzzle my rating would propably be at somewhat of 1400.

  13. Suggests I’m an 1800 but I’m actually a 1200 😢

  14. i have an 1800 rating and i saw knight to d5 check but I think almost all 1800 will see that move tbh amazing video i did not see the bishop blocking the rook check hehe I love your content please upload a video about how to actually study chess openings

  15. I am 1700 and I saw the knight sac rook check and bishop to block as best defense and decided queen takes knight was best move but didn’t calculate beyond that. I saw the queen takes b7 check and decided king can escape, didn’t see queen f3 check. I’m 1000, not 1800 but I am 2200 haha but I’m pretty decent at spotting tactics

  16. I can't be 2570, I can't beat my telephone on 1600!

  17. I like how I was oblivious to 1800 rating but thought a bit about 2200 moves.

  18. I didn't even get a rating, I tried Ng3+ lol
    I calculated a lot in the three lines:
    1- Ng3+ hxg3 Bd3+ Kg1 Qxd4+ Kh2 (or Kh1) Qh4+ Kg1 and in this line I thought that white couldn't stop g4 g3 and Qh2# and that my king was safe.
    2-Ng3+ hxg3 Bd3+ Kf2 Qd4+ If Kf3 Qf4# (For Ke1 instead of Kf3 I calculated the next line)
    3-Ng3+ hxg3 Bd3+ Ke1 Qxd4 (Taking and pinning the knight on c3 to the rook and also threatening Qg1# and I thought that was winning.
    Turns out they don't have to take the knight 😂😂 Also they just block the check with Bd3 using the knight lol

  19. how did i come up with a 2200 level tactic and im still 800 lmao,,, puzzles are wack.. i need to use my brain in my games

  20. You’re my favorite chess teacher on YouTube

  21. You’re my favorite chess teacher on YouTube

  22. Somewhere between 1200 and 1800 because I did find the queen covering the king but I didn't calculate the line properly.

    Its actually really annoying because I know the two things I really need to work on is calculation and blunder checks. I peaked at 1550 and fell back to about 1300. I really need to train my thinking system and overhaul my opening repertoire at the same time.

  23. I got 1200, which seems to be where i am at my club as well. But now knowing the solution, i always feel like it is a obvious XD

  24. These are great, I'd love to see more of these! As for me, my rating over the board is about 1800-1900, but according to this I'm almost GM, since I did see the bishop block. I did not see the Qh8 check (1. .. Qxd4 2. Qxb7+ Kf6 (?) Qh8+!), because I calculated (1. … Qxd4 2. Qxb7+ Kf8 3. Qa8+ Kg7 Qf3) instead, and thus the king was safe. So the question is, should I "deduct" my rating for not considering 2.. Kf6 (?)? I spent most of my time calculating the 1. … Qxd4 2. Nd5+ exd5 line, and both 3. Qxb7 (King gets to safety on g7) and 3 Re1+ (Be4 block seemed strong) looked winning to me (though I stopped there).

    I think the biggest hurdle for me is to actually take the time at critical junctions (like this one) and calculate thoroughly. If someone would stop me and tell me this is a puzzle position, I would have a lot higher rating!

  25. I'm somewhere between 1200 and 1800 🙂 again

  26. On the last one I got 1800, this one I get 1000… (I'm looking at it tired.)

  27. Hey, all I need is translate this to wins. The found the top answer but my current rating is 1350.

  28. this is very true, I'm 1800 on blitz intuitively i just had that variation exactly what the video told.

  29. Every elite GM like Igor must be like a chess engine thinker!

  30. My problem is that I can do puzzles a lot better than I play actual games, because with puzzles there is always something big (mate in X or win material) but in an actual game a lot of positions are "dead".

  31. 600 rating. But also instantly 2200, but also not 1800. Finding the actually blundering move knight to e4 to protect the mate probably drops me back to 600.

  32. I figured out fragments of each different levels. The problem is, I missed a lot of stuff even on most basic level. Fun video and exercise though. 🙂

  33. Keep doing these puzzles mate, I love solving them. My rating was 1800 ✌

  34. This is my favorite chess content on YouTube. Very interesting and educational. Thank you.

  35. Got the 1000 level. I got lazy and didn't compute further. But this matches my rapid rating on lichess. I prefer classic…

  36. In rapid im 1110 but hey, if igor tells me im 1800, ill hapily take it

  37. Nice video, I got 1800, my rapids rating is 1700 but I have 1800 in puzzles. That just with my initial analysis as it should be for test purposes but I'm pretty sure I could find the knight sacrifice if I were White in a real game. But foreseeing all that from the very beginning, including that last movement it´s way beyond my level. In the other hand, I tried a bishop sacrifice on e4 to defend b7 and block the white queen return, but my King looked fried, I descarted it.

  38. i imagined this line till the end
    i am very happy to solve this puzzle
    although i am 1000 rated i solved the puzzle which make me 2570 😂

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