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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov provides you with an opportunity to test your chess rating level by challenging you with an interesting chess puzzle. Your task is to evaluate the position, calculate all variations, and find the best moves.

Not only does this exercise helps you to know where your chess level is currently, it also shows you the clear pathway to your chess progress. You will see exactly what skills you need to learn to get to the next level, the level above that, and so on.

Therefore, chess mastery becomes less mysterious to you, and you will know exactly how grandmasters think during a practical game.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle
01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…
01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…
03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…
06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…
07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

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  1. So what rating am i, if i calculate queen takes d4, then kight goes to d1 to cover the checkmate on f2, followed by check on d3 with the bisho, kingt to e4, then checkmate with queen g1?

  2. I'm 800 and I got 1800 for this. I guess I just need to think more during games, I can calculate decently but I often just blunder by playing a move that I think is completely innocuous in a few seconds.

  3. Why am i able to be between 1200-1800 in this puzzle with fragments of higher levels but only am around 860 right now (peak was 980)? How am i not at that level then.. ?

  4. I have a question, i found it all except the queen h8 wins a queen but i decided to move my bishop at e4. As best Variation anyway.

    What does that mean? I saw the escape route after that. And that the queen cant go back to g3. 😅

  5. You're not a master just because you can solve this puzzle. Down voted for being plain nonsense.

  6. I saw the rook’s move, but in real game I still can’t beat 1100 raiting🥲

  7. I can calculate as 2200, but move like 800 😂 What is wrong with me?)

  8. thank u for this puzzle can u post more like this please my rating is 1800

  9. I will ordain myself an 1,100.

    I saw the 1. … Qxd4 move and how it gains material and protects the A7 pawn. I saw that the black King is safe if the white Rook stays out of the fray.

    I failed to see the checkmate on F2.

  10. I'm 900, I was a bit lazy/missed a sideline on some ends of the calculations but I saw the secondary threat of Bd3 leading to mate and also the Nd5 sacrifice, though i wasn't sure how to address it and didn't calculate enough to find out that you can escape. Of course i did evaluate we were down a rook and that the knight was hanging, at least.

  11. I caught everything but the R check, to include stopping the Q momentum. If I had time I think I would have seen the B block as well. But I doubt I would have seen all that in an actual game!

  12. I am a 1360 player (although I think stronger) I got the be4 move after 5 minutes,!

  13. I'm between 1200 and 1800. I saw immediately where black was at from a material standpoint. I saw the hanging bishop and that position for the queen would put pressure on white to defend the mate. I knew white would take the pawn delivering a check, and I did have the king going to safety. I was calculating where I could follow up as I was anticipating qf3. I started watching again at that point so I am not sure how I would have used the bishop but it would be logical.

    I am 1200 rating in rapid, and 950 in blitz.

  14. Thank you, Igor. I’ve seen many videos that say “try to think what your opponent would do” but this really makes it concrete. The good thing is that I was 1,200 in both of your “rating” videos, which is both consistent and above my online rating of 1,050. That gives me some confidence to go and find some stronger players and kick some butt!

  15. I play at around 1600 and figured out the 1800 line.
    Buuut I also didn't assess the initial state and thus I'm at 600 I guess 🤣

  16. Should put more videos like this. Great video.

  17. realy good puzzle. and more precise at guesing your elo then as puzzle from first video. my rapid is 1350-1400 right now and for this puzzle i saw everything what 1200 should see and a half of what 1600 must see. so according this puzzle my rating is between 1200-1600. so realy accurate.

  18. Sucking at chess just means more people might play against you. The better you get the fewer people who will play.

  19. Stopped calculating after rook grabs bishop with check and black queen recapture. Feels like winning but couldn’t calculate any forced mate from there. Tricky 🙂

  20. I saw pawn to E5, white knight f3 . Then queen to d3.. i saw a series of checks leadong to captured rook but got confused lol. I think that means im a zero haha.

  21. Saw rook; saw the problem with the Bishop; and saw the king running to g7; and then the B check; saw the counter attack of the rook; I missed the Bd4

  22. I got around 1800 in both videos, which is correct. Please make more of these, they are super helpful!

  23. My level is around 1100 Blitz but I calculated most of the line. Therefore I'am skeptical of the rating levels assigned to this puzzle. Doing that sort of calculation under time pressure in a real game is a completely different ballgame. Cant simulate that. But this is very good exercise and boosts confidence of lower level players like me.

  24. I got 2,570. I'm 600 rapid… just very good at puzzles and puzzles only

  25. I was 1800. My puzzle solving is at that level. The more advanced moves were eye opening

  26. Solved at 1200 level,
    My actual rating is 1300

  27. Whats about: Be4 first; then Nxe4; Qxf4 now after Qxb7 the King can escape (f8)and matt on a1 or f2 cant Prevent?

  28. I’m 2000 elo but didn’t look at Rd1 after Nd5 😢

  29. My rating is about 1600 – ashamed to say that on this puzzle I scored 1200……in saying that I allowed myself just a few minutes as I mostly play rapid chess……more work to do (have Igor's courses and love em)

  30. Very accurate. I have always estimated my rating to be 1600-1700… depending on whether I am currently playing or not (since chess is an on and off thing for me). And with this puzzle I got nearly all the 1800 stuff, but not quite as clearly fleshed out. So, very accurate I think. Really surprised me actually… at the beginning I thought it would be a waste of time lol.

  31. This time, it went better 🙂However, I cannot tell my rating, because my moves are a kind of between : Qxd4, Qxb2, Kf6, Qf3+, then either Bf5 or Qf4. I couldn't find a checkmate even if I saw the combination Qd4 and Bd3 to attack the Queen. Kf8, then Kg2 was a lost of time, that's why I choosed Kf3. I like this kind of puzzle; thanks!

  32. 1800 by this puzzle.

    Great channel by the way!

  33. Another great video, I captured the free knight, then didn't really think too much after that. But as you went through the variations, I at least went to block the rook with the bishop out of instict or luck I guess. I'm 680 at the moment.

  34. Test was inconclusive for me. Found Qxd4(+), but missed interposition Ne2, despite noticing the X-Ray on the rook on a1. I also noticed Nd5+ to Re1+ line, and the threat of Qxb7+.

    Despite noticing all of the high-rating stuff, my perception of Qxd4 was that I probably couldn't survive after Qxb7+, so Iong story short, I ended up with Ng3+ somehow, which is worse than any of the moves shown.

    My actual rating is probably around 1000.

  35. I am 1800. But I did see the other solutions but only in partial way

  36. I saw everything up to 2200-2400! Unfortunately, I didn't calculate where to move the K properly, nor did I calculate blocking the checking rook with Bd4.
    Now, my rapid rating is only 1100… I felt great 😊 knowing that my view of this particular puzzle put me as high as 2400!
    Will you please continue doing these exercises as they are very practical. I want to try as many as possible and I know that I'm not alone! I also know that the law of averages will bring my actual elo down closer to

  37. Very cool tactic from both sides and great video 🙂

  38. I got 2570 on this one. I don't have a rating level but have been playing off and on since age 11. I'm 65 now. I've always been an aggressive player and for about the last year have been subscribed to GM Smirnovs RCA videos. They are a great learning tool and he explains everything in a very user friendly way. I do miss the cat! LOL. Thanks again and keep the great tutorials coming!

  39. I moved e5, attacking the knight and opening the diagonal for my queen with a check potential on f5. I saw the black king could hide behind his pawns and any white checks would eventually stop. Now I see the a7 – g2 diagonal needs to be controlled or the king and hide (for a time) in that corner. The hanging white knight seemed too obvious for a "puzzle" so I was misreading the psychology instead of reading the board.

  40. Great learning experience!
    Please…. do more like this !

  41. sacrified the knight to give check with Queen and move bishop into the attack and win the game within five moves….wanted some feedback but your video ended….i'm sad wondering if i'm a 500 lol

  42. I could go upto 1800, but failed to see the checkmate for both variations. So I would say, am about 1600-1700 level for this puzzle and my rapid rating of around 1600 justifies that.

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