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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov provides you with an opportunity to test your chess rating level by challenging you with an interesting chess puzzle. Your task is to evaluate the position, calculate all variations, and find the best moves.

Not only does this exercise helps you to know where your chess level is currently, it also shows you the clear pathway to your chess progress. You will see exactly what skills you need to learn to get to the next level, the level above that, and so on.

Therefore, chess mastery becomes less mysterious to you, and you will know exactly how grandmasters think during a practical game.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle
01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…
01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…
03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…
06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…
07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

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  1. This is very cool. I miss Nd4+ so mine is 1800. Very accurate

  2. it was exactly correct. I am about 1000 and tha tis what this puzzle shows very interesting.

  3. I'm not 2570 but Be4 was pretty easy to see.

  4. so I literally solved the puzzle correctly, didn’t notice white was up a rook, nor did I see the immediate queen check on b7 or calculated king escape squares, my answer just felt right up 2 knights with the bishop blocking the rook check, I guess you take the average of all that and it gets me to my OTB rating of 1200

  5. I got 1800. I would classify my rating as somewhere from 1600-1800

  6. I had everything up to the 1800 rating. The very first thing I saw was the blk Q taking the Wht Knt. I have never thought more than two moves ahead for my opponent. That will change going forward! Thanks!!

  7. 1800 according to this challenge, and puzzle rush… irl 800

  8. I'm going to start pretending I'm my opponent.

  9. Interesting how I hit 1800 but my blitz rating is three time lower… probably because I never touch rapid and my puzzles rating is 1500 lol. Really shows the difference between single player chess and another players level

  10. Thank u igor for testing my rating range but i got a problem i found all the variations till 1800 well.then i didnt see the variations of 2200 and 2400 but i saw the 2570 rating level move so its still hard to identify my range. so what is my range is it 2000+??

  11. I scored much higher than my rating, my takeaway is that I probably need to be focusing on longer form games and giving myself the time I need to calculate.

  12. What rating am i if i didint notice that white is up a rook but did acknowledge that the rook was there and i noticed that after qxd4 that there was checkmate somewhere but i didint know where it was(my rapid rating is 580)

  13. Here's one from an unrated (never got around to finding out), occasional player – I got up to the halfway point before you started in with the more involved reasoning. Excellent video – thanks!

  14. Thanks for this very interesting puzzle. I used to think I had a higher rating but now realize I am at 1200 level. Any help or suggestions on how to increase my rating?

  15. The previous puzzle was quite accurate to check my level, however this time I'm apparently 1800 because was able to calculate the line until checkmate however I'm around 1600 in blitz lol how sad

  16. Fun puzzle, but one puzzle can't tell you that much. I am NOWHERE NEAR 1800. LOL, but thanks for the confidence boost.

  17. Okay I got between 1200 and 1800. Saw the free knight and followup, was able to see a route for my king to not die if the queen took the pawn and started getting checks, since said queen didn't have any extra support. Also saw Re1 was a major problem if I didn't start doing something aggressive. Didn't quite calculate if continuing the attack was possible but knew aggressive play is the only way to not die here.

  18. Really impressed with this type of video. Thank you so much Igor

  19. My irl rating is around 1600 but with this puzzle I got 1800, which is actually not that wrong since I can consistently beat 1800 rated players in tournaments but I still have bad days or moments when I overlook something and I end up losing, so I am progressing very slowly, especially since I did not have much time to practice in the last few years.
    It may not be that accurate for everyone though, especially for the irl rating, since it may even differ from one country to another. For example, in India, where the competition is a lot higher than where I live, a 1400 rated player, or even a 1300 may be much better than me…
    Still, great puzzle and video, this was definitely very insightful!

  20. I calculated this but my rating is 900…need to work on my strategy which is poor

  21. These videos are great! I got 1800 in the last video and 1200 here, my rapid rating is 1100 lol

  22. My current level is 1800(currently 13 years old). That's so accurate as my current rating is about 1850. I cannot express the gratitude towards GM Igor Smirnov, his super pack really helped me take my chess to the next level. I calculated that entire Qxb7+ line. I plan to the a chess grandmaster in the future. However I did not expect Nd5+(this move is very high leveled), and I'm yet to be able to spot such moves. If you have not, I def encourage you guys to check out his super pack in the description to improve your chess. I peaked from 1150 to 1850 within 1 year. All of this is thanks to GM Igor Smirnov legendary technique and advice to help sharpen your chess skills. ^_^

  23. My rating is 1450. I managed to see the 2200 knight sac but without the rook follow up(saw it, but with some queens checks after, where it wasn’t so forcing and thought it was bad), also calculated stuff with Qb7+

  24. 2400, but I know that's 1400 higher than what I probably am.
    Perhaps evaluating a puzzle can be easier than a game position because there's not the mental exhaustion to arrive there, play a few games beforehand, etc.
    These are great, Igor, thank you, it's interesting to see how you think.

  25. saw the solution in 1800 but never noticed that im down a rook😂

  26. Calculating is easy. I totally agree that you need to calculate the best response of your opponent. Most of my mistakes come by premoves expecting my opponent to make a good move, or I give a chance to see if they can find the best sequence leading to checkmate.

  27. this puzzle is very special and unique I being in a hurry and distracted lost my queen in a strikingly similar game. thanks for sharing this puzzle, I believe my rating is……hmm….less than 3200 but more than a 100.

  28. More of this type of videos…ill be looking forward to this…imo, this isba better exercise than puzzles. Maybe you can make a book out of this concept. Im sure you can

  29. Here am I, 1700, getting the news I should be 600 for not counting the balance! Very motivating 😂😂😂

    But then I'm able to see the 1200 solution. Ok…keep going, keep going….

    Whoa, what? How come I didn't see white's queen defense?? Got my king to the wrong side, not only a defense, but also a new check… Not even close to 1800? :/

    Now they say I'm 2200 because I tried to calculate a little of the knight+rook tactics. 🙂

    I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad here…. Lol

    But that seems consistent with how I lose many games though… I'm definitely kind of blind to the opponent's queen possibilities. Gotta focus on that.

  30. Again a upsie for me, didn't see the checkmate, but that moving my queen there would give me multiple attacks and my King would be save from the queen.
    So second puzzle in a row where i challenged a higher rated question by missing the previous one completely.

  31. The recent videos highlighting the importance of paying more attention to your opponent's options/plans have been really helpful. Tks!

  32. It does correlate. I am 1800, and on both of these videos, I can not move further in my calculations. Thanks!!!!

  33. After watching this video my rating level is 1800 but in reality I stuck on 1300?! What's wrong with my opponents? 😅

  34. I really love this format, please keep doing it, it's so engaging!

  35. In all these sort of puzzles I get around 1800, yet I'm only around 1400, I'm not sure what's happening

  36. I have another play that keeps black king in check until checkmate. 1st white knight to D5. Black pawn takes knight. Rook a1 to e1 check. Black king has one option d6. White queen to b8 check. King has 1 option c5. White queen to a7 check. Black king 1 option b4. White pawn a2 to a 3 checkmate.

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