This Puzzle Just Blew My Mind – Insane Chess Problem

Puzzle FEN: 3nk3/p2R4/3P1Kp1/8/5p2/3bp3/3p4/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle Details: B. Milosheski and Z. Mikhailowski (Macedonia)

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Dude, this is bogus. If I'm playing black, I'm going to trade by light bishop for white's pawn. When white plays pawn to d7, I'll play bishop to b5. That white pawn is going to die. My three advanced pawns are worth more than a rook because I'll get a queen. Queen + knight beats a rook any day.

  2. I learned how the rook gets sacrificed, from GothamChess.

  3. There is a faster way to win with white

  4. Awesome!!! That’s bud. I really enjoy learning from you.

  5. It's "North Macedonia". Macedonia is a greek territory

  6. Cool puzzle but the simpler solution at 5:10 would be Queen to C7 check, then checkmate in 4 moves without having to capture 3 more pieces.

  7. At 3:20 I was convinced that the next move for White was to move Queen to F8, but then I saw that Black can just move Queen to A1 to Check.

  8. Chess is such intriguing game. Ancient say it imitates battle field and I agree

  9. It is situations like these that enable lower elo players to defeat higher elo ranked players

  10. I got it first try, but not your way. You are mistaken about there being only one move, if you want to finish in the fewest moves there is a better option than Q-c7. It's Q-f8.

  11. I don’t think this is right. About 8 1/2 minutes into the video you said the only move that isn’t mate in a couple moves for black was g3. But, why couldn’t black play queen g3, where the king defends the queen and gives a check? If white took the queen, black would have a king and a pawn versus whites king, and it would be a win for black. Still an interesting video though

  12. 3:16 Can anyone please tell me why we have to do all this Qc7 etc instead of just Qf8 with unavoidable Qg7 after that?

  13. The checkmate in 30 that stockfish says I missed and that cost me 40% of my accuracy

  14. Not difficult !. Chess is always gentlemanly logic.

  15. What would be the outcome if instead of getting a queen black moves the bishop to F5?

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