This Puzzle Just Blew My Mind – Insane Chess Problem

Puzzle FEN: 3nk3/p2R4/3P1Kp1/8/5p2/3bp3/3p4/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle Details: B. Milosheski and Z. Mikhailowski (Macedonia)

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Thank you so much for so instructive moves on that puzzle 🙂 Stay sharp, play smart ! Luvit !

  2. Not too difficult, because you essentially playing only moves. At no point you can allow black to give a check, so you have to be checking all the time. And when you come to the end, that's when you see whether you have a win or not

  3. I think Qd7 works. Then Kh6, Qh3, Qh5 forced, Qd7 again, Kg8/Kh8/Kh6 all fall to Qg7 mate. No need to capture all black pawns.

  4. How you make circus and you change the colour of your arrow

  5. Nelson,thank you for sharing this gorgeous puzzle.

  6. i never want to play this game ever again

  7. Judging from the opening position, the key for white was a series of forcing moves. And what's more forcing than a check? QED

  8. Thanks for all these wonderful puzzles and explaining them so clearly.

  9. Really complicated position. It took stockfish some time to figure it out. About one second.

  10. On the 2nd puzzle you should have went down to the white square because from there there is a checkmate in 3 or 4

  11. What happens if black goes g5 instead of queening? The f pawn is now protected and the white king blocks its own queen from attacking the g pawn if the same strategy is applied.

  12. I think you took a much longer method of checkmate than needed. I had the exact same moves up to the point that white Queen takes the pawn on f4. Yes, Black Kh7, but then the rest is no need to capture other pieces. White back to Qc7. After black Kh6 go Qh2. This forces Black to Qh5 much sooner. Then AGAIN white back to Qc7 check. Any move black makes is checkmate on the next move. It works your way to if you have time on the clock, but there is no need to complicate it with additional captures. Good puzzle.

  13. Man, it's all forced. This isn't even a study, it's like "mate in 23 moves" PROBLEM !

  14. 2:11 into the videoSo what happens is black, instead of making a queen, moves the bishop to B5 and takes your pawn at the next turn?

  15. I was taught that K+Q can only win K+Q on certain circumstances. Now I see (9:19) that K+Q can win over K+Q+p. Worthy to add to my collection!

  16. But in 3:34, if white plays qd7 check, black only has three options, and if black moves kg8, qg7 is mate, if black play kh4, qg7 is mate again, and if black plays kh6, qh3 is mate oops, just realized that queen can block

  17. I'm coming quite late to the party here, but at 3:30, why isn't the white queen to F8 instead of to C7 a mate in 2 ? go queen F8, black has no response, then checkmate with queen G7.
    I see no way for black to regain tempo or defend G7 after the queen F8 move, and we don't have to go all around the place killing a bunch of random pieces.

  18. i’m so proud of myself, i actually saw almost all the moves as nelson explained it

  19. What's even crazier to me is that Stockfish instantly saw that whole sequence of mate in 24

  20. Very nice…At every stage, blacks have options, making it completed for whites.

  21. The greatest chess puzzle I've ever seen in my life.

  22. Super easy but the black pawn push at the end was a boneheaded move as the black Queen SHOULD have taken that spot as she would have been protected by the black King. ONLY way white won instead of a loss as THAT SINGLE MOVE would have given black the WIN!

  23. When opponent has overwhelming piece advantage, almost always has to be the tempo move, right?

  24. The nice sample of the meaning of Tempo and using bad position of the black king .

  25. How abt king g7 took e7 checkmate

    Edit: Pls tell me if there's smth wrong with that

  26. Learning to get check 20 moves in a row really helps win a game like this. If you give them a singe move you will probably loose.

  27. At 5:00 , Qc7 is a faster mate I guess because although we give black a free move, nothing it can do will prevent a mate in 1. Am I missing something?

  28. The only move is NOT queen to C7. Instead of queen to C7, do queen to F8 with mate on the next move. It doesn't matter, at that point that you sacrifice tempo; there is nothing that black can accomplish with any possible move. You WAAY overcomplicated your solution.

    Edit: Never mind. It's not an option because black can play Qa1 ch.

  29. Thank goodness he added a bunch of bullshit about how things should not go.
    Hey buddy, hit the bricks

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