This Puzzle Just Blew My Mind – Insane Chess Problem

Puzzle FEN: 3nk3/p2R4/3P1Kp1/8/5p2/3bp3/3p4/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle Details: B. Milosheski and Z. Mikhailowski (Macedonia)

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. 6:55 queen to e6 is better than queen to c8. because it creates a mate faster.

  2. You should move the queen not the pawn in the check of E3

  3. Puzzles like this make me wonder how many times people have resigned seemingly obviously “lost” positions when in reality they had a forced win.

  4. Why not Kg7 and then Re7? Wouldn't that checkmate in 2?

  5. Very nice…At every stage, blacks have options, making it completed for whites.

  6. fascinating puzzle! all of the moves are so intuitive, yet they create quite the interesting combination 😀

  7. Superb video! thanks for so nice content and best of luck for your new year

  8. White queen is so mad. She destroys everybody in her way💀


  10. At 4:05 why not Qc7+? king goes down, now you play Qh2, they have to block with queen, Qf4+ they have to block with queen again or they get checkmated by the lines shown in the video, but you can just take it.

    edit: the pawn can block that last check and there's no good follow up

  11. They have been doing chess puzzles since the middle ages. The old masters would devise a puzzle, so that the soldiers / students would learn tactics. I would presume that making the puzzle will require skill. That may be good practice on the game. Making the puzzle. One that is neither , too difff, nor too easy. Would make good practice .

  12. I am so happy that this amazing puzzle was not flawed.

  13. 8:53
    The black queen can go to G5 which puts white king in check, and also blocks the check from white.Why didnt you tell that?

  14. Could anyone less than superGM ever play that in a real game?

  15. You could subtitle this one "whipped between pillar and post"

  16. Love the geometry of the queen moves. I was surprised how far I could calculate this without seeing the position.
    1. Re7+ Kf8 2. d7 Kg8 3. Re8+ Kh7 4. Rxd8 d1=Q 5. Rh8+ Kxh8 6. d8=Q+ Kh7 7. Qc7+ Kh6 8. Qxf4+ Kh7 9. Qh2+ Kg8 10. Qb8+ Kh7 11. Qxa7+ Kh6 12. Qxe3+ Kh7 13. Qh3+ Kg8 14. Qc8+ Kh7
    Here I decided to set the position on the board to calculate from that because I wasn't too sure where the next couple of moves were leading. That was very helpful.
    15. Qd7+ Kh6 16. Qh3+ Qh5 17. Qe3+ g5 18. Qxd3 (queen has to guard g6 square so there are only two moves — g4 and Qe8) g4 19. Qe3+ Kh7 20. Qe7+ Kh6/Kh8/Kg8 21. Qg7#
    18. … Qe8 19. Qh3+ Qh5 20. Qf5 (threatening Qxg5+ -> Qg7# and Qg6# so black's queen is paralysed) g4 21. Qf4+ Kh7 22. Qc7+ Kh6/Kh8/Kg8 23. Qg7#
    Gotta say I had a chess orgasm after solving this. As I said before, the geometry of the queen moves is truly fascinating.

  17. The real important for chess is the position of piece

  18. I don't believe it's humanly possible to see all that from the starting position.

  19. Andrew Tate was the inventor of this puzzle.

  20. This kind of puzzle probably around 3500 rated elo, look how many move it need to make before it get checkmated.

  21. 😂😢😂😂😢😢 i was like ok this is gonge be fast😂 😂!! !! BRUH!!!

  22. Complements of AI (or a "Magnus like GM")! 🙂

  23. what if black instead of getting a queen would move his pawn from g6 to g5? beacuse as far as i can see, that would alllow black to hide behind his other adnn allow him to escape.

    Edit: at 2:26

  24. Fascinating is one of the most used words on this channel 😂

  25. What if black promotes to a knight instead of a queen? Then one of the pawns cant be captured since it is protected.

  26. if black traded queens at the end he would be winning with a pawn

  27. it's mate in 24 for white, I don't even think Magnus could see this

  28. Incredible position! Black had so many pieces and was forced to lose all of them. Crazy! Amazing video as always Nelson!

  29. Superb…
    Keep posting this kind of puzzles

  30. Why not defend the king with the rook from the queen instead of sacrificing to keep him in check? Wouldn't it have saved your rook as he was safe from king

  31. As a 900, I am proud to say that I found the first half of the moves

  32. Watching these puzzles is helping. I actually came up with the correct moves this time.

  33. you remove my interest in solving it because i already know who wins. its like knowing the end of your journey before you even start no fulfillment out of that

  34. Queen e6 7:03 will lead to different checkmate
    If king go to f8 then queen on f7
    If king go to h8 then queen on e8 king only only option is h7 so queen go to g6 king only option is h8 so queen on g7 checkmate
    Or if king go to h7 queen f7 is the answer if king go to backrank its mate in 1 if king go to h6 its mate in 1

  35. 9:09 – why pone is the only move here? what about queen to g5?

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