This Puzzle Just Blew My Mind – Insane Chess Problem

Puzzle FEN: 3nk3/p2R4/3P1Kp1/8/5p2/3bp3/3p4/8 w – – 0 1
Puzzle Details: B. Milosheski and Z. Mikhailowski (Macedonia)

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. 9:09 – why pone is the only move here? what about queen to g5?

  2. I play very well with queen but i want to learn how to play against queen

  3. After white queen on d7 checks black's king on h7 (at 7:30) and forces it to go to h6, and then follow it up by going to g7, forcing the king to h5, the queen then simply could checkmate the king by going to h8.

  4. I had no idea what the moves were supposed to be, but I did know one thing: don't stop checking. Check every move, no matter what.

  5. Excelente. Baile de Reinas, con una Reina más lista y más astuta que la otra.

  6. is there any reason why queen h4 cant be played

  7. In the beginning you missed checkmate in 2..

  8. Nelson, I know you did a video on how to destroy a fianchetto, but is it possible to make a video on how to fianchetto effectively and use it as an attacking and a defensive weapon?

  9. I like your puzzles so much, but in this one, there is a little problem. At time 2:11 instead of getting a Queen, if the Bishop go from d3 to b5 the withe Pawn is dead and white will lose the game

  10. I thought there was a simpler position for checkmate in 6 white moves from the initial position, diverging at 2:09, but that's because I didn't see that black's bishop was there to prevent that exact ending. At least I'm getting better about seeing paths and solutions!

  11. So this demonstrates the concepts of king safety and tempo

  12. Wow, that white queen is a beast. From now on I'm playing only white! 🙃

  13. After you take the pawn at f4, why not go QC7 instead of Qh2? Black has to move Kh6,Qh2,Qh5,Qc7,Kh6/Kh8/Kg8,Qg7?
    Faster, so I must have missed something but we haven't gone over that option in the puzzle.

  14. The black pawn on the a file is on its home square, with 7 ranks to go before queening. it certainly cannot move backwards one square to queen. i am staggered that you begin with such a wild blunder. Too confident eh

  15. This is like a reverse psychology puzzle. I feel like the super obvious moves are never right in higher level puzzles but that was the case a few times here

  16. For completeness, after white QxB:

    If black plays Qh1 or Qh2 or Qg4, white can play Qg6 mate. If the Black Queen moves anywhere else on the d1-h5 diagonal, white can take it and has the upper hand.
    If black plays Pg4, white plays Qe3+, black either plays Qg5 (blocking), then white plays Qxg5, black plays Kh7, white plays Qg7 mate, or black plays Qe7+, if black then plays Kh8, white plays Qg7 mate, if black plays Qf7, white takes with check and it's mate next move whatever black does.

  17. How do you find all these fascinating puzzles! Thank you so much 😃😃

  18. Initiative plus position beats material.

  19. 7:28
    Actually, i think C7 is better.
    Due to the fact that you can get them in check and take their queen next turn.

  20. Your chess videos are immensely superior. You explain it well, and illustrate it well. I learn something every time.

  21. Ho hum, this happens to me every time I am up 3 pawns and a bishop.

  22. Apart from the pawn-clearing, I recognized this pattern from the outset. The first 3 moves were literally my first try and it took me a moment to work out the specific tactics at 2 of the checkpoints.

    A queen out of position is no queen at all. A very instructive video on how powerful the King is in a mating attack in the endgame.

  23. I have never seen another puzzle like this one. It's absolutely fascinating. No one annotates these puzzles better than Nelson.

  24. I really saw many of these Moves! But on a Tournament I most likely would make it a draw.

  25. 8:35 What happens if the queen blocks the check again? There is no good follow ups and the game might end in a draw.

  26. I enjoy watching you explain these chess puzzles , once in awhile I try to get a few chess puzzles done while I'm at work lol

  27. I’m sorry I didn’t see the mate 34 silly me

  28. Nelson, who is at least 50 % better than me :This Puzzle Just Blew My Mind (Starts to show us a long series of moves and thinking it will blow our minds too.)
    Me, who sees a mate in 1: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

    Mate in 1:King to e7.

  29. when the white got his queen on d8 and , the black king was on h7, why cant the white queen go to f8 and paralyze the black king? black has many pieces to move, he is not in stalemate.

  30. 8:35 – Why its not queen to g5? This is saving black king and also check to white king

  31. 3:21 wouldn't queen to f8 followed by queen to G7 be chackmate for white? no way for black to defend or retreat with king.
    could someone explain why this is not the case? surely I'm not the only person to see it if it would work.

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