This puzzle is a classic!

This is an epic chess study from Leopold Mitrofanov from the year 1967. Or actually, it’s only the end part of that study which you can find in it’s full here:

White to move and the goal is to first get out of that check and then secure a victory.

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  1. I was not even near a solution. Amazing puzzle…

  2. Excellent puzzle… you are just brilliant

  3. 1) Qg5 (get Black Queen off white squares) … QxQ,
    2) Ka6 (no safe check for Black) …

  4. I have seen this puzzle before. I didn't remember the whole position, but the motive and the queen sacrifice in the first move. And from then I could calculate the rest, but I agree, in a real game very hard to spot such a first move. Though I wouldn't consider it impossible, that a GM could find it in a classical game, if he is not in time trouble, because he can calculate, that all king moves lead to a draw, and due to the checkmate pattern with the pawns – what is not too difficult to spot, even most probable in the game it would be already in the radar – even this queen sacrifice could come to the mind, to avoid queen checks and get the necessary one tempo to threaten with this checkmate and the rest calculation is not so difficult.

  5. A charming classic. Bet Tal would’ve spotted this Queen sacrifice.

  6. I saw Qg5 and also, after Bxa7, c7 but I was not able to analyze everything till final solution. Let's say more or less solved😏

  7. 8:26 i immediately have seen the point, but this is a draw.if the black takes on a7 it's not clear whether the white can win. The rook against the knight is usually a draw

  8. Brilliant. I spotted the first move, but the full analysis was beyond me.

  9. I think at the position of 7:20 the bishop can go to the B8. Then white can promote the pawn at C8 or take the bishop and promote. In the first case there will not be a check and black queen can go to D5 covering the B7 field. It could be a draw for white. The second case is loosing for white.

  10. I honestly thought, given the other puzzles you've shown, that the queen was going to sacrifice, but had no idea how that would help. This was very instructive on how to limit moves and gain tempo by giving away a piece.

  11. I figured out the solution from the thumbnail within 20 seconds. I could see that black was close to being checkmated and that the mating net has time to unfold once the black queen is drawn to g5 when it cannot check white's king once it moves to a6.

  12. Having seen this great puzzle before, I must recuse myself from offering the solution.

  13. The Mitrofanov study is quite famous. In the study the white rook sacrifice on e1, so due the knight on e1 Black only can give check with the promoted black queen on h5. This study also is called "Qg5 – study". The original Mitrofanov -study with the black knight on f3 is cooked. But the version with black knight on g2 is correct.

  14. Its one of those puzzles where the solution isnt too hard to gind because you know the answer has to be the crazy option. But i would NEVER find it in a game

  15. I found the Queen sacrifice. I wasn’t quite sure how to end it though after bishop takes.

  16. It's called Mitrafanov's Deflection, and if I hadn't seen it before I'd never think to do the move that wins. Not in a million years, because until the point is explained to you, it looks totally bonkers. XD

  17. I solved it fully. I saw Ka6 was threatening checkmate but black could chase me out with Qe2. The sacrifice seemed obvious at that point, to get the Black Queen off the diagonal. The only way to stop checkmate was black Ba7, but then white pushes Pc7 threatening both a checkmate and a promotion. Black can't stop both.

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