This Chess Problem Will Amaze You

Check Out The Position Yourself:
2N5/p7/q1p2p2/kp6/3P4/PP2K3/5P2/2B5 w – – 0 1

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  1. I usually think that Nelson oversells certain puzzles… But this one… is legit art.

  2. stockfish devs are gonna sweat seeing this

  3. Wow! Great and beautiful idea! Thanks!

  4. Well my lc0 solved the whole thing in 3 mins (the whole queening sequence in 15 moves) and just causally give a +1 eval when white is up a whole queen

  5. indeed i was amazed by this, an accurate title

  6. 1 bd2 would be mate if the b5 pawn was a duck

  7. 2:48 Strange. I put the position on lichess analysis board too, and it says +68. Does that mean the engines learn or remember those positions?
    EDIT: Lol and after Ba5+, it says +8.

  8. This problem was composed by Mark Liburkin and published in Shakhmaty v USSR (1939). It's unfortunate that you didn't mention the actual author of this problem in your video. He has composed numerous fascinating studies, I highly recommend everybody interested to check them out.

  9. 4:45 but you can just play Pawn to a4? no possible move for black unless they take with queen then you are winning
    and you have an extra knight

  10. When the videos time is on 6 minute I saw the Queen can
    go to b7

  11. I have 436 elo but I only got 1 move wrong

  12. Im know how to mate in 10 secounds just use bishop

  13. I love how this looks like a position you could actually see in a real game. So many puzzles with ideas this interesting start from such contrived positions that it takes away from the wonder of it.

  14. In the second puzzle there is another reason to go to h5 and not to g5, if the white king goes to g5 the black queen goes to c8 + then the white knight cannot fork.

  15. Hi Nelson, I subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago and I want to thank you for the entertaining content. May I suggest to give the author and date of each problem ?

  16. Bd2 is checkmate we don't even need to move the pawn

  17. I figured out the bishop sacrifice but had no clue what was the idea beyond that, it was the only move that made sense to me, so I guess if I teamed up with stockfish and was like "what about that move?" it could roll it's eyes take a deep breath to explain me why it's wrong and then go "oh… actually uh… you're right? oO"

  18. You didn’t mention Qc8+ in some variations and Queen escapes.

  19. What if black simply moved queen to A-4?

  20. You say that after N-C4+ it forces the King to B5. No, it doesn't. You don't discuss QxN. Now maybe that still leads to a White win, but it's clearly better than the outcome after K-B5. In fact, Black may get a draw. No?

  21. This has to be a blatant lie. Stockfish can't be wrong if you give it enough resources.

  22. At 5:05 he glossed over the move Qa4 saying "you can't go here", but you can, and if White plays bxa4 it's a draw. White instead has to first play the intermezzo move Nd6+! and then it's winning.

  23. Chad White king coming together with his fellow Knight and pawns to coordinate the best Queen trap ever.

  24. The engine I'm using shows a forced mate in 29 after 2 minutes and 42 seconds:

    38/57 02:42 5,897,980k 36,377k +M29 1.Bc1-d2+ b5-b4 2.Bd2xb4+ Ka5-b5 3.Nc8-d6+ Kb5-b6 4.Bb4-a5+ Kb6xa5 5.Nd6-c4+ Ka5-b5 6.Ke3-f4 f6-f5 7.Kf4-g5 f5-f4 8.f2-f3 Qa6xa3 9.Nc4xa3+ Kb5-b4 10.Na3-c4 Kb4-c3 11.Nc4-a5 Kc3xd4 12.Na5xc6+ Kd4-e3 13.Kg5-g4 a7-a5 14.Nc6xa5 Ke3-d3 15.Na5-c6 Kd3-c3 16.Kg4xf4 Kc3xb3 17.Kf4-e5 Kb3-c4 18.Nc6-d4 Kc4-c5 19.f3-f4 Kc5-b6 20.Ke5-d6 Kb6-a6 21.f4-f5 Ka6-b6 22.f5-f6 Kb6-a5 23.f6-f7 Ka5-b4 24.f7-f8Q Kb4-c3 25.Kd6-d5 Kc3-d2 26.Qf8-f2+ Kd2-c3 27.Kd5-c5 Kc3-d3 28.Qf2-e2+ Kd3-c3 29.Qe2-c2+

  25. After pushing the king to G6 I expected it was intended to trap the Queen and close the last escaping positions after the black pawn to C5 afterwhich the d5 move was pretty obvious .

  26. After K f4, black queen takes on a3, N recatures on c4, black king forks on b4, white looses 2 pawns for a queen, and black has time to promote

  27. All these puzzles make me nut i just cant stop, its better that the hub 😭😭

  28. @ChessVibes Stop using old StockFish!!! StockFish 16 is open source and free!

    I have StockFish 16 configured in ChessBase, my StockFish 16 shows me that white is clearly winning immediately after setting up the position as in the puzzle and starting to analyze!

    After the third move in this puzzle, Kd6, StockFish 16 says that White mates!

  29. A year on, Stockfish 16 finds the solution in a minute. But it's still a good one for a test-set.

  30. When I play this against Stockfish I get a draw 🤔

  31. Cool puzzle! It’s also important to note that wherever the queen moves, it will not be stalemate because the king can move to a6.

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