There’s A Reason This Puzzle Won First Prize


The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. I can tell you that the author began the study from the final checkmate position and worked backwards to the starting position. This is how all the studies are worked out. You don't randomly pick a starting position and hope it will end up in such a wonderful checkmate.

  2. Especially cool since you called out that a knight and a king are not enough to force mate…but in this case it was enough. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. what’s wrong with first move night to e7 fork?

  4. What if you start with a fork with the knight?


  6. Ever since I got more and more into chess. It's been the best thing

  7. @5:01 why wouldn't the rook go to c2 instead of a1? Wouldn't the rook want to stay on white squares if at all possible?

  8. and now I think the Knight is better than the Bishop

  9. I would have never thought of any of that.

  10. I found all the moves even the last one

  11. Nc,I tried this on an engine and it wants a queen to rook endgame

  12. I had the weirdest deja vue and again I thought I solved it. But not quite! I thought the King is gonna go up the board and munch the bishop but Rb7 and R:f7 is a problem.

  13. I wonder why Black can't claim a draw after Bxg8 as White technically has insufficient material to mate? What do the rules say about K+B vs K+N? Is it automatically a draw unless one side can prove a forced mate? Amazing study.
    Apparently, you can't claim a draw with K+B vs K+N as it's still possible to checkmate by a legal series of moves. I never knew that.

  14. Wow wow wow🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍how intresting.Its amazing🤩.Knight to g6 checkmate?🤩wooow

  15. 5:00 you just place rook on c3 and king takes it and then you take the horse with the diagonal boy and king is cheked and you are able to move with your white king towards the pawn for the taking?
    Did I miss something

  16. What if you did the knight fork when the rook went to g8

  17. These are one of the reasons why Chess is so fascinating especially with that knight checkmate that was pretty complex, yet very smart and Chess Vibes showed us why this 1951 chess game got 1st Prize.

  18. Why didn’t you move knight e7 to fork the rook and bishop in the first move

  19. I feel like solving the puzzle as black is much harder

  20. Gorgeous! To think that there are minds out there that can compose such a study! Truly humbling!

  21. Omg. I don't even play or am into the world of chess. But this video and the strategy is beautiful. I'm in love with these types of puzzles and I wanna see more!

  22. 4:41 king can move to c3! takes rook. biship takes knight, and pawn moves for check mate!

  23. 4:24 king takes rook, pawn gets to go forward and forces king to move, takes bishop since it couldnt move due to the king having to move out of check, king and queen vs king could probably check

  24. White: "One knight is not enough"

    Also White: One knight checkmate is the solution to this puzzle

  25. I am thinking what about alternative move of Nf5-e7 which is: Nf5-h4 ?

  26. It is not about weather I like it or not. How is it engineered? Playing is reverse engineering so, could you look at how a puzzle like this could be created?

  27. Me when I saw a third option in video game: That sound so suspiciously wrong yet I will still take it
    1:50 me seeing a bishop could block the rook Imma choose the third option which is bishop to a3

  28. "just the night alone isnt gonna be enough for a checkmate"

    i said, you know, like a liar

  29. but… you didnt mention the fork on move 1…

  30. Wow, I know next to nothing of advanced chess and strategy but I could really follow along with this video and even got the last fork right (for the wrong reasons though), great video

  31. Doesn't knight h4 with the idea of g6 checkmate also win at 8:05 I don't see a way to stop it

  32. this is why I could never play chess lmao

  33. Pawn moves>Rook moves behind it where it came from>Bishop moves to pin the Rook to the King>Black takes the Knight with the Bishop>White makes a Queen>Check>King moves to the only available space to not get checked>Bishop takes Rook>Bishop moves literally anywhere because it doesn't matter>Queen moves diagonally down right next to the King>Mate.

    Why did you have to make a 10:01 Minute Video to show off what took me 30 seconds to come up with?

    Ad Revenue…. Sad.

  34. I just discovered this channel a few days ago and I love it. High quality chess with beautiful contributions. Outstanding!

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