There’s A Reason This Puzzle Won First Prize


The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Nice puzzle. Would have appreciated if you made a recap at the end with all the moves in one go.

  2. I've seen a lotta chess but that was truly inspired 🥰

  3. I don't understand why when the king retreats to C1, the rook has to go to a1 to check. Can't he check from C2? If the king takes the rook, black can check him again with the bishop. The king has to evade, black king goes diagonal and the outcome is a draw.

  4. OK but why not use the fork at the starting position with the knight?

  5. I'd like to unsubscribe please. I don't play chess, I don't understand it, and I'm offended by it. Thanks.

  6. How can this get me exited? Guess bye chess then

  7. Just Some Boy Probably Dressed in Corduroy says:

    These chess composers are geniuses. Keep in mind that this was created before engines and tablebases to help verify and tweak.

  8. what about knight e7 forking the bishop and the rook?

  9. The video is so satisfying cause u can solve the litte questions and there are still 6 pieces

  10. King to f6 at 6minutes 56 seconds you can use the night to fork the rook and bishop

  11. For those wondering about Kc1 Rc2+ leaves 3 options
    Kxc2 Bxf5+ K… Kg7 draw
    Kb1 Rg2 f8Q+ Rg8 Qh6 mate
    Kd1 rook cannot safely check the king, neither can the bishop, cannot attack f8, white wins

  12. Imagine getting this far just to lose on time. 😔

  13. Eh I don't know of it would work but if you play King to f6 the Black King can't come over because you are covering the space with your Knight and King and if he takes the Knight or movies the Rook to g8 you can still do the fork in the later case or get a Queen in the next turn if he takes the Knight because the King can't come to cover the spot

  14. Because the moves were limited, it was easy to see each individual pause, but seeing all of that beforehand is a feat, so pretty.

  15. wow what a beautiful long combination!

  16. I dont play chess but was very good as a kid. I paused and got all
    The moves right but not for the right reasons. I wanna play now

  17. So Is their any winning move for black??

  18. 83 people didn't like it and gave up chess.

  19. The ending was just CALL AN AMBULANCE, BUT NOT FOR ME

  20. It’s so funny I thought knight e7 for the first move

  21. 2:28 Can't you just go Knight D6? Checks the Bishop and protects the Pawn. If black does Rook D6, promote F8 for a triple check and a sure win.

  22. At around 4:30: I had to wonder what would happen if the king moved to B4 after the move to C3. I can see that moving the king to take the bishop wouldn't work (the rook can swing up once the king is on the same row as the pawn, and the king wouldn't be able to take because the bishop would be guarding the rook. The end result would be losing the pawn). My end conclusion is if the king moves to row 7, the rook swings up to row 2 under the protection of the bishop to check the king and ultimately take the pawn. If the king moves to column d (on any row), the swing-up threat shown in the video is still present (though may end with all pieces except the bishop getting taken). I do have to wonder if there is anything else about this that I'm missing.

  23. At 5,49 rock can also go to a5…
    Because if white get a queen rock takes knight check fork the queen.. white take the rock whit the queen black take it back whit the bishop

  24. completely missed out on something you could have explained… after Kc1 at 5:00 what happens if the rook moves to c2 instead of a1?

  25. Im a low rated player.. 1200ish, and even I can appreciate the beauty of that puzzle. That is an amazing end.

  26. Dunno how I ended up on the chess side of youtube, but that was fascinating; great breakdown!

  27. Actually, in 6:52 kf6 is also a win because if black does rg8, white can do ne7 forking bishop and rook. No matter what they do, they can't stop pawn from advancing. Even if black does rf8, white can counter with ng6 check forking rook. Then, after black kh7, white horse takes and check then nothing can stop white pawn. If black does rg6, white king takes, then black bishop takes horse in bf5 check. White King cant take or move away from the pawn since black king can close in and stalemate. White king can either go kh6 or kf6 so black king can't close in on the pawn and nothing can stop it from advancing. From that point, white wins.

  28. I saw a flaw because h could have put the knight on the king in stead of the side 5:00

  29. You can checkmate with just a king and knight, so I don't know what you're talking about.

  30. At 6:58 couldn’t you do the same fork move with the knight as in the solution to the puzzle? When the rook moves to F8 you can play Kng6 with check (not mate) and fork the rook? Then you can move the knight and promote for mate eventually. I know it’s not quicker but that works too right? Please let me know if there’s a way to stop it 🙂

  31. Well before the checkmate the server ends the game due to insufficient matterial

  32. When king is at C1, why can't black move rook to C2? White can't take or he loses his knight and is put into check, thereby losing his pawn..?

  33. it appears to me that black can win or tie….3 minutes 17 seconds in…move rook to b3 check instead of rook to a2…king will have to go to c1..rook to c3 check..king to d1 or d2..rook to d3 check, if king moves away then rook to d8 will stop the pawn…if king takes rook, BXK check followed by king to G7

  34. at 5min im i missing somthing why not play rook to c2 and white would lose knight

  35. Never watched your channel before, just wanna comment that immediately I appreciated how concise and quiet your title card/intro thing was. Too often bombarded by loud music and some crazy animation for a channel logo that lasts way too long. Right to the good stuff. Keep it up

  36. "If it doesn't get you excited then chess is probably isn't your game" you're right it isn't

  37. We appreciate you explaining why the other options aren’t correct

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