There’s A Reason This Puzzle Won First Prize


The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. We appreciate you explaining why the other options aren’t correct

  2. Really cool because everyone knows you can only draw with a Knight and a King vs a lonely King and it's the additional piece black has that stabs its King in the back by making the check mate possible despite white's theoretical lack of material.

  3. The kind went into full on John wick mode to win this one!

  4. I am super confused on one part what would happen at 5:10 if rook took check at C2? When king was at C1

  5. @ chess vibes so when the white king is down at the bottom, and the checking of the black rouc begins what if black moved to f2 under the horse, odd strat I agree but can't you dodge the queen if your blacks king in that corner, like granted it's cat and mouse game I feel you could save yourself with your black bishop or maybe even your black rouc eventually, and if the queen goes up to take the bishop you drop your rouc to check the white king?

  6. the pawn and king win don't they?
    pawn and king is a victory, so the two options you said we're a draw are actually winning positions.

  7. Who was it who first said "knights are sneaky bastards"?

  8. Maybe I'm just stupid but what about Knight e7?

  9. Pretty sure Kf6 and Kh6 had the same results no? Am I missing something?

  10. At 06:55 after white king moves to f6, if black rook moves to g8, doesn't white knight to e7 win?

  11. wow i never realized that chess puzzles were so involved

  12. Knight+King checkmate huh, that's something

  13. Wait… Isn't "King + Bishop vs. King + Knight" usually considered a draw due to insufficient mating material?

  14. love late game smothered mates they are always fun

  15. The fact that this is someone a possible posistion achieveable when playing chess

  16. I didnt have a favorite chess puzzle before this video. I do now. That was beautiful.

  17. I would have fallen for every single trap here lol

  18. There’s many ways white wins. Not at all surprising

  19. white knight to h4.
    this wins the black rook no matter what. explained – white Nh4, Rg8 or anywhere, f7, black rook then moves to f-file if it went to g4 g3 g2 or g1. if it moved to g1 and now moves to f1 or from g8 to f8, then white knight goes to g6+. if the rook moved anywhere else, the white bishop goes to h6. the blackrook is fprced to sacrifice itself to prevent the pawn promotion.

  20. Wait why does black not just take the horse with the bishop instead of moving the castle down to take their bishop?

  21. Very nice study but finally forced checkmate if used ra6+ instead of rg8.

    In real chess better play rg8 and sacrifice its own bishop on c8, since 99.99% of real chess players will not be able to checkmate with B and K on a face to face game within the 50- move and the time limit.

  22. I can do as bad in math and chemistry as I can do in chess, but I will always love chess!

  23. There's a high pitch ringing whenever you're talking, just fyi

  24. The person who made this was on some GOOOOOD stuff ya

  25. After seeing the evangelitis ad twice, I still have no clue what he is saying; his accentuation and pronunciation are some of the worst I’ve ever heard from a supposed leader. Politics in America are an absolute dumpster fire

  26. I dont know why king to f6 wouldnt work. At 6:52. You don't get a queen you fork the bishop and rook with the knight.
    I think black can stalemate from there though.

  27. WOW I saw this a long time ago but forgot about it! Amazing!!

  28. At 5:00 why can’t the rook just move to c2? If the King takes it the bishop Can just take the knight with check and thereafter take the pawn with the black king right?

  29. white has to do something with the bishop but white sacrificed their bishop i wonder what he meant to say hm

  30. So no one thinks to move king to G8 instead??

    Also, both sides can still be have chance to win

  31. 7:01 wait why not fork the bishop and the rook with the knight? if the rook moves to h8 skewering our pawn and king we can play knight g6 forking the rook with check, and therefore gain a queen that way

    edit: though i don't see a move what can shut down rook d8…

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