The World Champion Made A Chess Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
6k1/4K3/6PP/8/7B/8/8/7r w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Wilhelm Steinitz, 1862

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  1. It would be really great if you could tell us who's move it is in thumbnail. Some of us spend a good bit of time working out how to make this work only to find out we guessed wrong on who's turn it is to play! arrows on the pawns aren't necessary we know that by the numbers on the side… who's turn it is would make at least my experience much more enjoyable!

  2. Simple and nice puzzle in the same time.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Near the end, the rook could go behind the pawn and take it for a draw, not to check and take the bishop.

  4. what if on 2.43 minute instead check rock goes for pawn. taking the pawn and sacrifice the rook white cant checkmate black only with bishop !

  5. I solved it when I had saw the preview and came to see if I was right

  6. At my first glance, I thought I found mate. Later, I took my chess board and thought on it for hours, finally solving it in an hour and a half.

  7. Hello Chess Vibes. I have created a chess puzzle that I think you might like. Mate in 18 moves White to play. It defines all the laws of chess. 1rb4R/3pbppp/1P1k1p1p/P4pP1/BP1K2PP/PPPnP1Np/PpPP1P1p/qrrNr2r w – – 0 2 put that into lichess analysis board FEN.

  8. You know stuff is boutta get wild when a world champ tries their hand at making a puzzle.

  9. This video was straight forward you dont look happy today

  10. First looking at the position and I tought it will had a zugzwang for black beacuse there is not much pieces and the board, then I realized its an easy trick!
    Good Video!😊❀

  11. Some of you think that was hard,but that was super easy.

  12. Figuring out how to play chess while setting up the rice cooker is the real puzzle..

  13. Great puzzle. I chose wrong again…but I am getting better thanks to you Nelson!

  14. This puzzle looked super simple but there was more to it than initially met the eye.

  15. Maybe you should add that after Kf7, Tg1 instead of Tf1+ is not possible because of Lf6 checkmate.πŸ˜‡

  16. I'm not good at chess, and normally you go over these positions, but you didn't this time:
    After the King takes the Queen, what happens if Rook goes to g1 instead of checking the king? You have to protect the pawn with the Bishop, but that only delays for 1 turn since the rook will just plow through and take the bishop anyway. If you push the pawn for check, they just take the pawn with the rook anyway…

    Doesn't this mean that Black can get a draw?

    [Edit] I took a deeper look – ignore my statement, since that's instant checkmate XD

  17. Good puzzle. It was solvable but, alas, I did not.

  18. Black rook didn't have any options anymore but to capture the bishop since it was checkmating the black's king!

  19. 2:44 Wouldn’t black just slide the rook into the g file to take the pawn and prevent white from winning?

  20. Spoilers…

    After spending maybe five to ten solid minutes on it, this is what I came up with:

    1. h7+ Kg7
    2. h8=Q+ Kxh8
    3. Kf7

    If 3… Rf1+ then
    4. Bf6+ Rxf6+
    5. Kxf6 Kg8
    6. g7 and this is a well-known winning endgame,

    Or if 3… Rxh4
    4. g7+ Kh7
    5. g8=Q+ Kh6
    6. Qg6#,

    Or if 3… literally any other legal move, 4. Bf6 is mate,

    Or (going back) if 2… Kxg6 you're up a queen and a bishop for a rook, which is winning. You can win the rook with a series of geometric checks starting with 3. Qf6+ Kh7 4. Qf5+ and finishing with a fork with either Qe4+ or Qf3+, depending on what the king does (if Kh5 at any point while Qg5 is possible, Qg5 is mate).

  21. At min 2:42, why can’t rook get in g rank, take pawn next turn and this will be a draw?

  22. Chessdot bots are not working, how do I fix this ?

  23. Funny, I thought I had it in the box, but then I realized there was more to it! Great puzzle thank you Nelson!

  24. This is a useful puzzle because it seems like a situation that could come up easily in a game.

  25. Whey you say William Stainz, you mean Wilhelm Steinitz?

  26. The only puzzle from this channel i ever actually solved before it was explained

  27. I solved for 30 sec, and I am not super good in solving puzzles.

  28. No.
    At the end.
    Instead of black rook to F file, check, with the white bishop block. Rook from H file to G file takes pawn. Draw.

  29. I think you could also do h8 knight and still win

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