The Wolf’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 38

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0:00 – Story
1:24 – Puzzle
5:44 – More story

Puzzle FEN:
rk6/5pp1/PP5p/2K5/8/8/5PPP/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Alexander Rueb, 1941


  1. Lets hope Peter gets reunited with Bobby in the woods

  2. It would be better if they were in the dora universe. Could just ask children which way

  3. Imagine they get to the dragon and it's a checkers player

  4. I wasn't surprised that the Wolf had such an easy puzzle. I have never met a wolf yet that was good at chess puzzles.

  5. My furry senses are tingling

    Uhhh I mean cool puzzle

  6. perhaps some puzzles should be different chess formats of chess like fairy chess or something

  7. Levy’s Kidnapper Really Lost Levy And Kidnapped Nelson

  8. We’re All Hoping Levy’s Kidnapper Will Let Him Go

  9. Nelson, the story gets better and better. Do let me know if you decide to include more sophisticated character animation or new illustrations. My team and I would gladly assist you with that. AI-generated images are fine, but as soon as you need the same character with a different expression or from a different view, it gets tricky.

  10. I like the Wolf’s face. He looks like a cool and trustworthy fellow. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a harmless kidnapping after all.

  11. And if anyone wonders why a7+ doesn't work (I did), while it does appear to trap the rook it doesn't trap the king. ..Kc8 is an option, but probably not the best one as white can play Kc6 and if the black king continues fleeing with Kd8 white has b7 and will get a queen next turn, the rook cannot stop both pawns. Sp the better move for black after a7+ is Kb7, and the rook escapes while the black king blockades the white pawns.

  12. It's been a while since I saw a webcam from 2000 ^^

  13. Nelson, if you need help, blink twice, we're here for you.

  14. I don't know why but the camera quality just reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on but in a way I love it! 😂

  15. you make me smile nelson when you make a new video

  16. First Levy, and now Nelson. Those kidnappers have to stop

  17. Nelson's been held captive 😯

  18. i bet the wolf meets Iron Tiger or Bengal Tiger and drops Peter before him

  19. I love this series, I like it better with the sounds of the pieces moving

  20. I got it right! I thought almost immediately that king should stay close to pawns.

  21. First Gotham gets kidnapped and now Nelson does

  22. Oh man what a turn of events!

    I believe Peter’s rating drop back 800. Now Average Joe has to be very clever to not Fall for any more puzzles or else they’re hopes are lost. 😬 Don’t like this at all but average Joe has this! 🙂

  23. And that is EXACTLY why I teach my children never to put their lives on the line based on the outcome of a chess puzzle.

  24. It would have been cool if each path had a puzzle and the path that is for example, wining for white or is a draw is the right path.

  25. 0:48 "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." — Yogi Berra

    3:53 Is this a Zugzwang or a squeeze? (A squeeze is when one player – here, Black – has no good moves, but the other – White – does. A true Zugzwang is one where whoever moves, loses.) It isn't a Zugzwang, but I'm not sure it's a squeeze, because White can shuffle his king between a5 and b5, but if Black is allowed to pass, White can't win, only draw, the game.

    4:25 It did seem easy to me, because the idea is easy and the details don't make things more difficult.

  26. First Gotham Chess, now Nelson, these abductors are relentless.

  27. Can you make it so that the difficulty/nature of the puzzles actually reflect what happens in the story? Here, the puzzle was really easy, so I thought Peter Patzer would still get it despite his diminishing rating, and if not, it looks like even Average Joe could have done something about it.

  28. Oh, poor peter. The wolf seems to be interesting, if you ask me!

  29. What happened to bobby.. he has a better sense of direction..

  30. theres nothing wrong with this setup but what happened to your old one

  31. Nelson, I appreciate towards gathering/developing of the puzzles.
    Please go with the previous chess pieces & board style. That's more attractive..!!

  32. Nelson what about that Raven bird that bobby fisher sent to potser prison many episodes back?

  33. Oh my god this seems so scary your slowly losing your power your friends have been seperated from you without a clue and you dont know where to go next and you dont have a lot of time left till your back to 750 elo

  34. When do they make friends with a volleyball named Wilson?

  35. So like I can't give you shit for not having the highest production quality in things like your voice acting or anything. You put these together so often, and it's all about the puzzle for me.

    But how the hell do you get this art pushed out so fast??

  36. This series takes so many twists and turns

  37. Next Episode Plans: Which One do U like?

    Darth Vader Episode:
    1. Stormtroopers capture peter and kill the wolf with their blasters.

    2. they meet darth vader

    3. vader agrees to let them go if the solve a chess puzzle

    4. nelson gives explanation

    5. peter correctly solves it

    6. vader agrees to drop them off at the edge of the dragons lair.

    Rancor Episode:
    1. When the wolf enters a desert, a rancor suddenly comes outta nowhere and eats up the wolf
    2. the rancor will give peter a puzzle. if peter solves it incorrectly, he's dead!
    3. nelson gives explanation
    4. then the miracle happens- peter somehow correctly solved it
    5. the rancor lets him pass and peter wanders off into the desert

    Rocommened rating range for peter- 1500-1850 ELO

  38. Can you just make episode 39 I was waiting for it

  39. A week without new episode of chess adventures? That's a bit dissapointing. Hopefully this is not the last episode of Chess Adventures.

  40. Can you make Episode 39 I was waiting for it

  41. play the martin bot without queens,rooks,pawns only bishops and knights

  42. Did you film yourself using a potato bro?

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