The Troll’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 7

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Puzzle FEN:
3B4/q2pp3/p6r/ppN5/1Rp5/k1P5/P3PPPP/K7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Bron, Vladimir, 1959

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0:00 – Story
1:41 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. They could have set up initial position 😀

  2. Black actually wins, do they not? After Qe4 if you play h3, black plays d5 right away, then h4 > Qg6 > h5 > Qh7 > h6, and now white lost because black can shuffle qeen back and forth without any traps…

  3. I put this in Stockfish and The best move was to sack the Queen for the knight after H5. But you just promote, when black tries, sack the queen for the pawn, then promote using a other pawn, and win

  4. I would be interested in a similar puzzle, where whichever side someone picks goes first… but then loses.

  5. What if in the very end of game Black moves his D6 pawn 2 spaces once White has only moved his H pawn one?

  6. It's not that obvious after Qd6-g6 at 4:35. white might try f2-f3 but d7-d5! saves black because immediate e2-e4 fails to Qg6xg2 and there's no time to prevent that with g2-g3 because of Qg6-b1+.

  7. השליש פולין says:

    Why does black do D7-D6 and not D7-D5?

  8. Why cant the pawn go to d4 insted of Queen to h7

  9. But if black plays d5 instead of d6 what happens ?

  10. 4:22 take the ♜ and after queen move to b6, you can move your ♗ to f4 for deliver the same checkmate threat.😊😊😊

  11. Даниаль Чангаз says:

    6:15 after move Qb6 and Bg5, what if black plays Qb2, white has to take Knb2 and what happens after Rd1? isnt black just defended from being checkmated?

  12. Can't black not just Sack his Queen for the knight and force a draw?

  13. Just curious, but what would have happened if the troll chose white

  14. What about d5 instead of d6 for black? doesn’t that change the tempo to whites move so that it would turn out the same way as h4 d6 which is the same as h3 d5

  15. bruh I have subtitles on when he said if you’d like to pause it wrote if you like the balls

  16. Now imagine we redo this quest in Super Mario Bros Movie style

  17. What Happens if the black pawn moves two instead of one move after a6?

  18. This series is very amazing and filled with nasty puzzles 🥸

  19. you should do a review type of thing on the recent chess tournament or whatever it was, i don’t play much chess but i like watching your videos so

  20. These stages are so good man! Thank you for creating this storyline! 🙂

  21. I really like this chess puzzle(or story,I don’t know what to say.)❤😊🧩♟️

  22. What happens if black doesn't go d6 after we push h3, BUT D5?

  23. Chess against Martin but you have to connect pieces in a particular way in the middle of the game
    1. All your remaining pieces on the back rank
    2. 4 stacked pawns
    3. All remaining pieces in a square (4×4 or 3×3 or 2×2 depending on how many pieces you have left)
    Choose one of the challenges and good luck!

  24. That position doesn' t look legal, though. Black has captured 5 pieces with his pawns, and White has 9 left over. The White bishop was captured on f1, so it wouldn't have been captured by a Black pawn.

    2:25 You're running out of pieces. ((a few moments later)) So you sacrifice your rook.

    4:53 After White's first move, I suspected that there was a stalemate possibility, seeing as most of Black's pawns are blocked.

    9:17 Well, there were only two moves that didn't lead directly to mate, and I chose the wrong one. 8-(

    14:06 Evidently, one of the other fisherman is named Vladimir Bron.

  25. 8:53 if black takes queen and white takes back its a stalemate right?

  26. They should play Rb3 its checkmate already

  27. Awesome puzzle!! Will black be able to draw if they play Qd3 at 12:53, forcing white to take/push?

  28. Um…there is a mistake in your puzzle here Nelson. Once White moves pawn to h3 you said that was only winning move. Black however can gain the tempo on their move by moving their pawn to d5 instead of d6 for the same reason and change the queens position can't they?

  29. pls help me. I am confused at the end why black doesnt play d5 straight away. doesnt this prevent zugzwang?

  30. what if the troll chose the white pieces though? is it still possible to win as black?

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