The Troll’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 7

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Puzzle FEN:
3B4/q2pp3/p6r/ppN5/1Rp5/k1P5/P3PPPP/K7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Bron, Vladimir, 1959

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0:00 – Story
1:41 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Richtig schöne Videoreihe.
    Really nice series of videos.

  2. LOL Whites always win, I think I've seen it before 🤫

  3. wait but at the end if the queen goes to h5 and the knight takes, the only other move is to push the pawn for black, if knight takes its a stalemate, if knight doesn't take, either the pawn takes or other move, you open up the black king and it escapes!!!

  4. Why does black play d6 before d5 doesn't that win for blafk

  5. One variation that was not covered is the following. How does white win if after white playes h3 black replies with d5 insted of d6?

  6. If pawn moves first time e2-e5, how e.p. to working now… dxe3ep or dxe4ep?

  7. Am i the only one around here wondering where the heck black's A5 pawn came from?

  8. So after you pin the rook to the king, what about Qd4? If the bishop takes the rook, the queen takes the bishop and that's probably a win for black. If Bg5 then Qxc3 with check and you win the knight.

  9. This kind of storytelling chess problems is really nice! 😄 Do you make up this stories by yourself?

  10. Shoutout to the two GMs who managed to see this entire line.

  11. But the black queen could sacrifice herself for the horse tho

  12. there is a flaw in the end of the puzzle. After H3 pawn, black can simply go D5 and ruin white's tempo

  13. But can't black just play pawn to D5 after pawn to H3?

  14. You should give credit to the author's old the puzzles …

  15. There is one option for black…when white plays h3, black can play d6 instead of d5…

  16. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nelson, there is really no-one who can explain these complex puzzles in such a structured and systematic way as you can. Hats off to you and keep it up!

  20. This vid is a great example of why I like Chess Vibes videos compared to others. Not only does he explain why h3 is the correct move, he explains what the flaws are with ALL the other possible pawn moves. Most other channels don't do this, or at least not fully, – they mainly just explain the winning move and dismiss the other moves as not being worthy of discussion. But for beginners and low-end players like myself, learning what's wrong with certain moves is as important as learning what's right with others. A very thorough analysis of an interesting puzzle. Thanks! 🥳

  21. "Even you have a queen, you can't win if your king isn't safe"

  22. i don't know why but i was expecting meme troll-face or a challenge to be a trolling, but it turned out that troll was trolled

  23. what about takiong that knight? youll prevent checkmate and if whyte takes that queen its stalmate

  24. If they play d5 first then they can move their queen quite freely. When I go into Practice With Computer, it says d6 is a mistake. Then, if D5 h4 (best sequence) then it becomes Qxe3 and its a win for white in about 40 moves.

  25. I think you should've covered what happens if black plays d5 immediately after h3. If you're not careful you get put in zugzwang yourself

  26. Very similar to Wotawa(idk how to spell it) study. Except black had a queen and pawn but white had only a bishop and 2 pawns.

  27. Keep them coming THICK and FAST.

    May I ask how many chapters to go?

  28. How am I always maximum 1 hour late for these videos?

  29. Yeah I think two important lines need to be addressed here. d5 immediately, and QxN. d5 immediately runs into h4, Qg6/h7, f3 and Black eventually gets zugzwanged. (The only thing white needs to care about is h6 can never happen, d5 just wastes a move.)

    QxN is more tricky. You absolutely need to address that WHITE KING IS NOT TRAPPED, Kb1 and c2 is possible. This puzzle gives us an impression that white king can't leave a1 and b1 which is not true.

  30. These chess puzzles make me feel so smart about myself 🙂

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