The Troll’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 7

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Puzzle FEN:
3B4/q2pp3/p6r/ppN5/1Rp5/k1P5/P3PPPP/K7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Bron, Vladimir, 1959

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0:00 – Story
1:41 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. what abotut after h3 black sacrefce qeen

  2. Oh… I was feeling good with my Ne4 Rxh2 Nd2 Rh1+ Nb1+ but then I realised that after Rxb2+ and Kxb2, there are no more ways to deliver checkmate

  3. Yess yees yeees make it endless❀❀❀

  4. there is no way in hell that he tripled all his pawns and moved them 1 space

  5. This puzzle is CRIMINALLY underrated. I have never seen it before, wich is shocking. Unless of course this puzzle is relatively new.

  6. On 11:06 what if black plays d5 immediately? Then he is equal on tempo… I think? Am I missing something?

  7. πŸ˜‚ the thumbnail puzzle is eazy rook to b3

  8. "You set up the position, I choose which side to play."

    Sets up starting position.

  9. I'm kinda disappointed after the premise, I thought it would be a puzzle where whichever side you choose and start with, you'd lose, not a story of simply tricking the troll into picking the wrong side with material advantage which is usually the case for quite a few puzzles with still many pieces on the board.

  10. what if they to take the start position as the puzzle and just be better in chess?

  11. But what about h3 d5 (no d4)? I mean the main idea h4 with the Queen back and forth on C1-h7 diagonal. And not the best move (acording the comments) Qxe3

  12. Gosh, I found Nb2 this puzzle is very interesting. Hopefully you make more of these puzzles!

  13. what if black plays d5 directly instead d4?πŸ€”πŸ€”

  14. What a fantastic puzzle; the black king was essentially that grumpy cave troll stuck in his crystal cave!
    Love this series – keep it up!

  15. "You set up the position, I choose which side to play."

    Begins to set up normal starting positions

  16. By the condition, I expect this would be the puzzle that, anyone can choose any side but it would be a move that make them lose anyway

  17. So after bobby fisherman clears the island will there be a second season?

  18. Just curious how many episodes are there in total? And where can we buy this fishermen puzzle books?😊

  19. That troll will maintain his distance from black pieces for a time after this puzzle .

  20. What an amazing puzzle. And yes, we hadn't seen something like that in a while

  21. I've just understood how Bobby Fischerman improved so much since the first episode. He must have gone fisching and caught a stockfisch.

  22. I dont think I ever saw a youtube series that catched me so much. I love your channel but more than that I am loving this story you are doing with amazing chess puzzles and a backstory to take our attention. Really nice content, I am so happy this channel exists πŸ™‚

  23. This is wrong what if black play quenn b2 its a draw

  24. what if they sack the quenn for the knight cant the pawns advance ?

  25. omg, the fishermen are not only brilliant chess puzzle solvers, but also world class chess composers. O_O
    Really fascinating puzzle! πŸ˜€

  26. This puzzle is incredible πŸ‘Œ i wasnt able to guess much of the right moves except for f3 the last one, puzzles with zutswang are crazy

  27. I love Nelson's enthusiasm explaining the puzzle and the last wow giving the final solution. Keep up with the great content, good job!

  28. Nelson, that chess board and pieces you put on the thumbnail is better than the one you use in video, it's not necessary but if possible please use that chess board and pieces that you put on thumbnail

  29. It was fantastic!! I almost solved it. I missed h3 and moved quickly to h4.

  30. What a fantastic puzzle you are totally awesome πŸ‘Œ keep it up dude πŸ‘

  31. I noticed u could do a 1 move mateπŸ˜‚

  32. But why does f3 is the only move in that position

  33. Bobby Fischerman is continuously saving the other fisherman

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