The Raven’s Puzzle – Episode 26

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0:00 – Story
0:59 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. 8:25 even if black could pass it still loses because white gets the queen on another pawn.

  2. Forget about Hans Magnus saga , forget about Who's world no 2 in classical, forget about future of Magnus in classical, I want to know what happens in this story

  3. Hey Nelson, at @4:20, there is a loud click, maybe you can take care of that using youtube studio, if so, that would great.

  4. Fun fact: At 5:46 If cxb6 Ka8, and b7 trying to do the same thing, black has Qxb7 and whatever move white plays, black has Qd5+ and will keep checking the king and it leads to a winning endgame for black because white doesn't have c6 to block the queen from going there.

  5. Thank you Nelson, because of you I am becoming better at chess. I solved this puzzle on my own.

  6. 4:00 Why couldn't white play Rxb6+? The rook is defended by the pawn on a5, so the king can't ever take it. If the queen tries to block, the rook simply takes, guarded by the pawn on c6.

  7. Black is 5 possible moves. Ka8, Qa8, Qa6 Qxa5 and Qb7 but pawn capture Queen if play Qb7.

  8. if everything can be done with a chess puzzle I'd rather live on the island even if i suck lol

  9. Nelson, what is black play Qa8 first move?

  10. Checkmate Martin with 2 pawns but your pawns are legendary so they have an ability to catch a piece in the 5th,6th,7th or 8th rank and remove it.( The wheel will decide which square.)( Every 5 moves.)♟️

  11. I couldn't help but notice the raven never learned the identity of Bobby's friends, so he has no idea who he's delivering the message to.

  12. Awesome love the video. Massive thumbs up for awesome video

  13. Should have encoded the message as a puzzle 🙂

  14. Please dont tell me these stories are chat GPT made off

  15. Невструев Владислав says:

    0:47 how does Bobby know that his friends are in prison?

  16. How did Bobby know that his friends were in Patzer Prison?

  17. Love the puzzles, but the story? Well, that's a different story.
    Cheers 😉

  18. I'm very intrigued about the result of consuming a second magical blueberry 😛

  19. Babe, wake up. New puzzle lore just dropped

  20. 7:46 For example: if you play king to e1 ,
    Me: Ah yes, Nelson is using chatGPT's ideas.

  21. The big question: how long has endures the effect of the magic berries

  22. 8:28 I've read that for true Zugzwang, the player who just moved cannot have a way to win. If the player who just moved (White here) has a threat to win, it's called a bind instead. This, however is a true Zugzwang, because if Black is allowed to pass, White can't win. If White plays Kd8 intending c8Q+, Black plays … Qa5, pinning the c-pawn and getting the queen into the game and losing.

    EDIT: It's not called a bind, it's called a squeeze. I think.

  23. King to E1 is a really bad move that Nelson found because not only do you get a losing position, you also make an illegal move. 7:47

  24. At 3:10 After kx c7 cant the black force a perpetual check ? How can the white force a queen trade ?

  25. 8:23 in a technical sense this is not a classical zugzwang, as yes, Black is forced to worsen his position, but passing would also lose ie 2.Kd8 with 3.c7, so the compulsion to move is not required to win.

  26. I’m new, what is this story that he’s telling?

  27. I can't wait to see Peter Patzer play Officer Pawnpusher while on the berries ♟♟♟🫐🫐🫐

  28. For some reason at 5:51 stockfish doesn't see axb6+ is winning until you play Ka8 lol

  29. The puzzle in the thumbnail is set up on the board behind him. So cool

  30. This is big chess challenge to everyones. Can you Nelson to solve this? Take this pieces to board.

    White Kh2 Rh1 Rh8 pawn g2
    Black Kg4 Qg5

    White play and win 46 moves, but what is only move how white can win?

  31. The move e3!! is just crazy. I wonder if anyone of the top players nowadays would see that move in their calculations…?

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