The Old Woman’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 9

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Puzzle FEN:
8/p7/P7/P7/P4B2/8/5k2/6bK w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
M. Liburkin, 1934

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0:00 – Story
0:41 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. i wonder when there gonna go to the dragon lair in the map

  2. that was interesting. all the other puzzles were solved in order to proceed, but only this one and the cowboy one came with an actual reward

  3. How many episodes this will be? Considsring how much places there are!😊

  4. Bro is really writing a storybook for his little daughter so that she can be a GM at the age of 5

  5. Me I always lose me everyday losing


    Did I trick you and yes is in and lose equal

  6. Great puzzle and the first I could solve. Very interesting idea of a story also.

  7. B d6 (or c5), K f1 B waste a move, K f2, B c5 (or d4) chk wins Bishop?

  8. "The fisherman haven't eaten since their journey begun." Bro they literately have fishes on their fishing hook

  9. what the f I predicted all the moves of both black and white and I'm only 400 rated, is that why I could defeat a 1600 in tournaments?

  10. William Fung Golden Oldies Fan of the 50s to 80s says:

    Who wants one of the puzzles to be black to win!

  11. Next puzzle must be a dinosaur or a dragon one.

  12. this one could easily be called "the three fishermen", as you have 3 pawns in a group. A bit more work, but some of the puzzles could be moved around to match the story elements and pieces in play.

  13. I love this great series! Thank you!

  14. Can you make this puzzles hard cuz its very easy

  15. fiirst tiime i saw solve a puzzle forvwood

  16. I love the interesting story you made with chess

  17. It reminded me of the first in this series puzzle, which was much harder. Maybe there is a conection between the old woman and the villigar.

  18. Nice puzzle btw do you use midjourny for your pics?

  19. These puzzle videos is the reason why I love your channel😊

  20. Amazing puzzle . But tripled A pawn is impossible in real game

  21. Good puzzle. The problem is the premise. I know way too many old ladies living alone around me that if they asked me to solve a "puzzle" for food, I'd turn and run.
    Great Granny Puzzle…..shivers me timbers.

  22. I can't believe I solved this puzzle instantly lol (ACTUALLY :D)

  23. Nice puzzle Nelson.. I appreciate your hard work.. I'm your regular viewer.. Watched all the videos.. All the best

  24. I know i haven't finish watching the hole video but if you play B.h3 is int that a move since the black bishop is stoke

  25. Can I get this game on Apple store or Google play

  26. Wait-
    Aren’t they *FISHERMAN*? So doesn’t that mean that they can catch their own fish?

    Oh wait, they can’t cook the fish.-

  27. Ah yes the staircase maneuver, also known as “Is this a staircase? I think it is, check check check check check check check and mate” -Hikaru Nakamaru

  28. I wonder what feast they had at the grandma house.

  29. I am proud to say that I solved this puzzle in 5 seconds. I might be 800 but I have amazing board vision.

  30. Episode 10: I need to solve this puzzle before breathing 💀💀💀

  31. "I wanted to give the English a Mythology of their own."
    "We created a world for people to roleplay their own characters together with friends."
    "********. ** ***** ****** **** ****** *** *******!"
    "Chess puzzles on Youtube."

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