The Officer’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 20

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Puzzle FEN:
8/K7/7p/R6R/p7/8/6p1/5k2 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
G. Afanasiev, E. Dvizov, 1970

0:00 – Story
0:52 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Isint rook to A1 a better move to stop the pawn on the a rank?

  2. Probably promoting to a knight is the last trick black can try if king Kg4 or Kh4 it's a theoretical draw.

  3. Peter is better at chess than I am, I missed this one

  4. Македлнский Евгений says:

    Black can promote the last pawn to a knight. Then there is needed some technic to win with rook against knight. This is winning position if the king and the knight are in the corner, however not completely elementary.

  5. When black gets the queen at 9:20 why not get a knight instead to force a check? would Black be able to force a draw?

  6. Nelson this story is educational and entertaining! Keep up the good work Nelson!😊

  7. Like the puzzles and the story here. Thank you, Nelson!

  8. I would've starved to death before solving this puzzle

  9. My puzzle rating is 1900 and I'd starve to death in Patzer Prison

  10. What if at the end black promotes to a knight (with check)? Is a rook enough to win against a king and a knight?

  11. I feel like black would be better off playing Kc2 at 5:15. It is still losing, though, but it feels a bit trickier than just hunting the pawns with the rook because black immediately threatens to promote to win your rook.

    Also a bonus line. At 9:17 black can promote to a knight with check to try and survive a bit longer. The trick there is to put your king on f3 which traps the knight. If it tries to escape immediately on f2 then Ra1+ deflects the king away. Kf1 is met with Ra1#, and Kh2 can be met with Rg8 which will forces black into another zugzwang, Kh3 is met with Rh8# and both of the knight moves are capturable. There are no other moves for black.

  12. 9:15 white win playing Kh3+ Kh1 (…Kf2 or …Kf1 Kxh2) Ra8 Kg1(only move) Ra1+ Kf2 (only move) Kxh2

  13. What if the pawn underpromotes to a knight with check at the end

  14. What if black promotes to a knight?
    It comes with check

  15. at 6:00 other alternative solution is rook to a1, checked on a tablebase and it works

  16. Can you add some other famous chess players with a creative name change as side character?

  17. Nelson, you’re a good chess player, but you aren’t good at storytelling yet. Make the characters suffer! The more, the better! We don’t feel sorry for Peter, we don’t feel much. Really, don’t be afraid to make the characters’ life to hell, regardless of genre. The stakes have to rise.

  18. After 1. Kg3 Kg1 2. Ra8

    Black can hold out a bit longer with 2. … h1=N+ 😉

  19. 6:18 Ra3 is better move, no Rh2+ moves. If white play Ra3 black King no can't move up to board. Next white capture black peaces a2 or a1 and next white move Rook h1 or h2 and capture h pawn.

  20. What if you go Rook to a1 instead of H3? Does that give black too much time to protect the H pawn?

  21. At 8:53 a better move is Kf3 because then h2 Ra8 Kg1 Ra1# wins without needing to win rook vs. knight.

  22. where did you get all these character from?

  23. 9:22 actually wouldn't they under promote to a Knight in that case rather than a Queen?

  24. Bobby fisherman defeated😂😂 official pun puuzzle

  25. When you expected a puzzle between caterpillar or magician and Bobby and instead you see a cop's face in the thumbnail:

  26. I thought Peter's cop would be named Queenblunder or somethin'.

  27. Next episode: Bobby fisherman wins the tournament and celebrates in the local pub. He is then later arrested for drunk driving and is thrown in jail, where he meets some big mexican dudes from the chess mafia. He joins them, and tries to help them smuggle cocaine across the border, where the guard presents them with a chess puzzle they must solve in order to get through

  28. What’s the roundabout rating of all the puzzles in this series? Been having a lot of fun attempting to solve the puzzles before you go into the solutions. You have a lot of great content on your channel!

  29. If Bobby Fisherman is actually Bobby Fischer, then Peter Poetzer must be the new chess god FRANK

  30. I want an opinion on who was Average Joe's character based.

  31. position at 9:33 why not give check with the rook forcing the king either infront of the pawn or away from it? wouldn't that just make stuff a whole lot easier?

  32. After the rook captures the queen, black king to c2 or c3. It is definitely a draw.
    Why did he miss it?
    Well, Because his name is pawn pusher🤔🤔😁

  33. Chess Vibes/Nelson your cool awesome you. Love love love your videos. At 6:00, moment. Never never thought about taking the pawn. But I would have done Rook to A1, (Chess Vibes) would that have been a blunder, would you have still be able to win the game. If you did Rook to A1, (instead of H3) nice to know either way.

    Chess Vibes your awesome you, and that that (mate) is a massive understatement to you.

  34. Instead of pushing the pawn after the queen dies you can bring your king and protect the pawn

  35. Chess Vibes I love love your videos. Just like to know whether I made a blunder, or could you have still won the game. (At 6:00) if you moved your Rook to A1,

  36. I said sacrifice the room to remove the pin and move the room to attack both the pawns

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