The Octopus’s Chess Puzzles – Episode 18

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
5B1r/7p/6P1/1k4P1/8/8/8/3K4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Ivanov, 1966

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/8/3b4/P5P1/8/6p1/3k2P1/7K w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Joita, 1954, 1st Prize

0:00 – Story
1:10 – Chess Puzzle 1
5:15- Chess Puzzle 2

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  1. Eric Hui Fitness | Online Lifestyle Coach says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. just make your puzzle a normal chess board, bobby is one oof the best chess players ever, i bet he can beat an octopus

  3. I love this channel, and I'm blown away at how rapidly its growing! Keep it coming Nelson ❤

  4. How to solve chess puzzles:
    You know the answer is going to be surprising, so the answer is the opposite of what you think.

  5. I had the general idea of both puzzles, quite interesting

  6. The final boss of this series should be like a Garry Kasparov-like character

  7. That octopus is so stinkin' cute! I'd love to shake his tentacles and play him a game of chess with a big hug afterwards, win or lose! ❤ Great story, keep it going, Nelson!

  8. 10:07 I guess I'm smarter than an octopus.

    I saw the thumbnail earlier in the game and figured out the general plan; however, I wasn't sure whether White would be able to get the bishop that quickly, that after getting the bishop to move, White might have to maneuver the queen to pin the bishop so that it was off the g1-a7 diagonal, freeing the king.

    Maybe someone could compose a problem where that extra step is necessary?

  9. With the first puzzle, I actually came up with my own solution. If you can find a flaw, it'd be appreciated, but I didn't see anything major.

    My move is Bg7.

    You see, this also threatens the Rook in a unique way. If the Rook doesn't move, he dies. If it tries to move anywhere else, you take with h7. If the Rook moved to g8 to try and attack the pieces, then this move also attacks the Rook. If it captures the Bishop, you move to h8 and promote to Queen. If it moves to another spot in the 8 file, we reach a scenario similar to if they did so in the first place. In which case, we promote anyway. If the Rook takes the promoted piece, we take the Rook, and then push the other pawn to promotion.

  10. How is taking the bishop with the king a stalemate?

  11. From what ive learned, the most obvious move isnt always the correct move and thats had me better calculating 🙂 i actually got the first one correct so im excited about that

  12. I find it funny how before every explanation, Nelson asks me if I had a chance to look at that 😀

  13. Bobby fisherman is the best player of all time lol

  14. Note that in the final zugzwang on the 2nd puzzle. Bf1 is a trap. Kxf1 is stalemate, but Qd1 then queen takes bishop, wait he said so

  15. wow the octopus look very cute not gonna lie

  16. idk this video should be called "Bobby Fishcerman's Puzzles Presented to the Octopus"

  17. Second puzzle is a draw no matter what I try after queen f3 black can just play king d2 instead of b2 and then go up instead of down, can’t bring him into zugzwang there because a7 is defended

  18. 0:48 There is a mistake there is elimated but it was good video

  19. I use puzzle 2 to explain zugzwang to my friends

  20. The octopus couldn't see properly with his dark glasses.

  21. Who is that Bobby Fischer man? What is that octopus?
    The second puzzle was always going to involve zugzwang. It wasn't even that deep.

  22. The way that it’s impossible to know… set up a NORMAL GAME OF CHESS!!! Chess isn’t solved yet (as far as I know) so it’s impossible

  23. Never been so early to your vids. Keep up the good content

  24. me who already knows the puzzle: ye-yeah its a win😅😅

  25. People when early: First
    Me : The hell do I type
    BTW love these chess puzzles with back story

  26. Me (at the start of the series): Come on Nelson, stop with these childish stories and give us the puzzles!
    Me (now): Forget the puzzles! I want to know what will happen with Peter Patzer, Average Joe and Bobby Fisherman!

  27. aint no way the ocopus give chess😭😭😭😭😭

  28. That octopus gives me nightmare fuel with that stare bro 😭

  29. hi nelson, you are one of the most underrated youtubers i know

  30. I know Woody Allen is a slimy fellow but I never knew he played chess. He’s more talented than I realized and these are entertaining puzzles.

  31. in puzzle 2 if the king stands on a8 then it will be a draw because black can go bishop b6 (may be)


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